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There are lots of fascinating and creative ways to improve your home, garden and bathroom all by yourself using materials from builders, timber and plumbers merchants Conwy. You can add a stylish touch to your house that will amaze your friends without it costing a fortune or requiring builders. Even local builders merchants in North Wales will have a range of products that are far more useful than you might realise. Builder’s, timber and plumbers merchants St Asaph are not just for big renovations they can provider interesting equipment to help transform your bathroom into a quirky and creative design with just a few small DIY tweaks.

One fun and easy way to impress guests is with the invisible book shelf.

Books are a gateway to another world but bookcases take up a lot of space. If you have them in an awkward space you can end up banging your elbow or knee on them more than you read your books. They can also get very dusty. An invisible bookshelf is a smart and unique DIY idea that allows you to display your books, amaze people and avoid the need for a bookcase. The main items you will need to create this illusion are a number of metal bookends. The number you require will depend on how many books you own. You will also need tin snip pliers. With these you will make two small notches on the bookends and fold the metal back with regular pliers. The reason for this is so the small pieces of metal hold back the cover of the first book on your invisible shelf. It is best if you choose a thick book to be the first on your shelf because it should cover the piece of metal. It will save your trouble later if you start your pile of books with a thick book. You must attach the bookend to your drywall using a drill and anchors. The illusion will then be complete it will appear as if your pile of books float seamlessly next to the wall, held up by nothing but air!

Floating bookshelves are becoming very fashionable and even becoming available to purchase but now you can achieve this quickly and cheaply using bookends.

DIY in the garden is a great way to improve the look of your home without ruining your carpet with mess. Edible gardens are healthy and attractive but what if you don’t have enough space for one?

The answer is to grow upward!

A brilliant and unique DIY project is the vertical edible garden. To achieve this you will need a clay pot of roughly 16 inches, pebbles or pot shards if you have some to recycle, a cylinder of welded wire mesh about 34 inches high and of course your desired plants and seeds.

If you live in North Wales you are in luck! Many locals in North Wales are very serious about their gardens and you do not have to be left behind. Your local builder’s timber and plumber’s merchants St Asaph  can provide amazing, easy to use garden supplies to help you create this masterpiece. There are some edible plants that work particularly well with the vertical garden such as strawberries, which look beautiful too and leaf lettuces. This DIY project is quite simple to accomplish. The first part is to fill your pot half way with your pebbles or pot shards. Next, working in sections, line your cylinder with sphagnum moss. You must make certain that the moss is moist. Obviously you must fill your cylinder with soil and finally place your plants in the soil from the outside through the mess holes. Do this repeatedly, in sections until you have completed a shower of moss, soil and plants. Your edible tower garden is now complete. It looks amazing, intriguing and will taste great.

One of the best unique and adventurous DIY projects out there is the do it yourself stone shower effect. It is also the cheapest stone shower you can get and all the products are available from plumber’s merchants St Asaph.

Stone showers are gorgeous. They are classy, stylish and remind us of exotic boutique hotels in the Mediterranean. Unfortunately they are expensive to have installed in your home, unless you are creative at DIY.

Here is an incredibly unique and inventive DIY idea that means anyone can have a stone shower for about 32 pounds! All you need to buy is: tile adhesive, grout, stone/masonry sealer and plenty of pebbles. You could collect these but smoother, small pebbles of similar sizes are best and create a prettier result. You can purchase pebbles for about 62p each.

All this project really takes is patience. The hardest part is slowly and carefully sticking each pebble to your shower walls with the adhesive. After that, the second hardest part is the grouting. You need to apply a decent layer of grout to your handy work, skim of the excess and apply extra where it seems needed.

The last part is the easiest, just apply a layer of stone/masonry sealer and this will keep out moisture. You are left with a stylish, customised, unique shower that looks as if it belongs in a designer, 5 star hotel.     


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