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The Venetian Mask: A Timeless Fashion Statement

Venetian masks are known worldwide, and they’re so iconic that even we in modern times can recognise them instantly. These masks are more than just pieces of headwear; they’re accessories that have been worn by everyone from the emperors of Venice to common people at carnivals and masquerades. But how did they come to be such a symbol of the city of Venice? And what are some of the different types of Venetian masks? This article will answer those questions and more! What’s the difference between a mask and an identity? An identity is all about discovering who you are, while a mask—at least as we’re using it in reference to fashion—is more about playing a role and being someone else. For some people, an identity can also serve as a mask if they choose to hide behind their own image. Wearing masks, like disguises, has been popular throughout history and across cultures. These days there are certain occasions that demand masks be worn, such as masquerade balls or carnivals. In Italy

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