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10 of the Worst Design Mistakes New Homeowners Make

You finally have a new home on the works - great! Now it comes down to the not so tricky bit, making it your own. Whether you want to completely renovate it, or just redecorate, there is a lot more to think about than you would think. These points have come from a renovation consultant and an interior designer, so you can be assured that they are important things to consider when doing up your new build home north wales.

Starting renovations too soon. 

If you can, it’s best to live in your home for a little while first. That way you can get to know the space better. You will learn where things would ideally be placed, and won’t end up regretting anything.

Underestimating the costs. 

Most jobs will cost more money and take longer than you would assume. Always add 20% to how much you think a project will cost. If you can’t afford that, then it's best to leave that job until you can. You wouldn’t like something to be left half done if any issues arise.

Expecting everything to go smoothl…

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