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How to Get into Wine

There’s really no right or wrong way to learn about wine; maybe you learn by buying a different bottle each time you visit the supermarket or wine shop, or perhaps you attend a tasting. Wherever you start your journey with wine, the most important thing to remember is that it’s yours. 
Drink EverythingYou won’t be able to grow and develop your palate without tasting as many wines as you can; this can be a fun but potentially expensive part of the learning journey. Sample as many styles, countries, grape varieties and different winemakers as you can. The more wines that you try, the more that you’ll discover and the more you’ll love. This could be trying wines from different countries too, South African Wine, Italian Wine and Spanish Wine to name a few. 
Be Open-MindedThe first wine that you taste might be something quite approachable, like a Prosecco. The biggest misconception new wine drinkers have is that most wines will be just as sweet and easy-drinking as that first sip. Often, the…

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