Thursday, October 12, 2017

Importance of PR | How a PR Agency can help

Importance of PR | How can a PR Agency in North Wales help me?

When you are running a business, you need to focus on producing a great product or service, and this may not succeed due to a lack of infrastructure, planning and care-of-attention paid to delicate day-to-day operations.

A crucial aspect of the development of the business is obtaining press coverage through a public relations campaign. This should be done either in-house or with an external firm. Valuable press coverage like this can be highly beneficial and constructive towards the immediate goals of your company, especially if it involves the positive perception of your business. No matter the size of your business – a good public relations strategy is a key point to your success. If you struggle in this area, then it might be the time to bring in the help of PR consultants in North Wales.
You need to think about how you can use the media and its ever-present importance in modern life to reach that larger audience. If one hears positive information about your business from a third party rather than you directly, then one is more likely to engage with your company. PR is more than just writing a simple press release. In today’s field, PR professionals can utilise many modern tools and networks to convey a message to the public, directly and indirectly.

A professional PR agency in North Wales should have a myriad of tools and contacts at their disposal, so they are in a strong position to promote your business in a professional manner.
In a time of such turbulent business, client retention can be prosperous one day and then somewhat stifled the next. PR can give you an extra push to get you into the minds of potential clients and customers. Consumers generally tune out of advertising and into the content itself.  
PR in North Wales is just and important as anywhere else in the world, however a locally based company is likely to have all the local links and know who to contact. so look for a firm within your area.
Having too much business is one of the greatest problems that a company can have, and it’s in many cases a sign that your next goals should be expanding your company’s operations to be involved with the highest quality of clientele. Strong PR practise is more likely to capture those people of interest’s attention. Good PR will also have a knock-on effect to your site’s SEO, because your name popping up in the media so often it means plenty of instances of it being mentioned.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Own Your Dream Holiday Home in Mid Wales

Can you imagine having a place to escape reality? A place that you can call your own? This is something that every single one of us has fantasised about at least once after working hard for months and months on end. There are a variety of options that you can indulge yourself in, but let’s take a look at the massive benefits of owning your own dream holiday home at a caravan park in Mid Wales.
Not only does owning a holiday home completely remove the hassle of trying to find and book an available room in a hotel or B&B, but just think about the freedom of simply getting up and vacating to your own place at a moment's notice. It is well documented that Mid Wales is the perfect place to come and relax and to enjoy the seclusion from a busy city life, truly the definition of freedom. Mid Wales is home to a wide range of entertainment options for all the family to partake in, with fine dining and drinking establishments for you to stop and take a break in, so you can truly make your holiday as lively or as relaxed as you like.
Making your holiday lively is incredibly easy, with activities in the area providing hours and hours of entertainment. Discovering the landscape within the surrounding areas will satisfy any lover of walking, trekking, or running. You can add another level of liveliness by inviting friends and extended family to your own private holiday property.

Whether you are longing for a quaint little cottage or a more modern, efficient holiday home in a luxurious caravan park, it is certain that you will find comfort and relaxation in abundance, with high end facilities to fulfill your every need and requirement for a perfect holiday.

Wednesday, October 04, 2017

Living The Dream: Forest Cabins in Snowdonia

Can you imagine having a place to escape reality? A place that you can call your own? This is something that every single one of us has fantasised about at least once after working hard for months and months on end. There are a variety of options that you can indulge yourself in, but let’s take a look at the massive benefits of owning your own dream forest cabins in Snowdonia.
Not only does owning a holiday home completely remove the hassle of trying to find and book an available room in a hotel or B&B, but just think about the freedom of simply getting up and vacating to your own place at a moment's notice. It is well documented that Mid Wales is the perfect place to come and relax and to enjoy the seclusion from a busy city life, truly the definition of freedom. Mid Wales is home to a wide range of entertainment options for all the family to partake in, with fine dining and drinking establishments for you to stop and take a break in, so you can truly make your holiday as lively or as relaxed as you like.
Making your holiday lively is incredibly easy, with activities in the area providing hours and hours of entertainment. Discovering the landscape within the surrounding areas will satisfy any lover of walking, trekking, or running. You can add another level of liveliness by inviting friends and extended family to your own private holiday property.

Whether you are longing for a quaint little cottage or a more modern, efficient holiday home in a luxurious caravan park, it is certain that you will find comfort and relaxation in abundance, with high end facilities to fulfill your every need and requirement for a perfect holiday.

Tuesday, October 03, 2017

Charming Restaurants in Llandudno

When you’re going out to celebrate a special occasion, a top notch restaurant in Llandudno can often be a wonderful start to absolutely any night. In the case of celebrations in particular, it can be an excellent experience for family and friends to celebrate something together, with a slap up meal.

So many important events are best celebrated with a good meal – such as a birthday, an anniversary, an engagement or otherwise. An excellent place to go out and eat is Llandudno, having established quite a reputation as a town which is full of varying high quality restaurants. We were rather sceptical about such claims. Llandudno, after all, is a holiday resort in North Wales. Making it sound like a foodie mecca on the side is surely a tourism ploy, in order to ensure year-around business, right?

Well, wrong.

The fine reputation Llandudno has amassed for food is not a mistruth. There are a number of excellent restaurants in Llandudno which can provide an excellent space in order to have a get together – and interestingly, Llandudno offers quite a lot for those who seek different tastes. There’s Indian and Chinese restaurants, sure. But there’s also Italian restaurants, traditional Welsh restaurants, varying ice cream bars, and even an American diner, as well as a Japanese restaurant. Restaurants in Llandudno are certainly a far cry from what you’d expect in small Welsh towns – most would feel that a small town gives a small amount of choice. Thankfully, that is not the case.

The most unique of all of these places to dine in Llandudno is probably the St Tudno restaurant which is part of the distinctive hotel on the North Parade. With Victorian architecture and d├ęcor, the St Tudno hotel’s restaurant, The Terrace Restaurant in Llandudno is certainly different from anything else. The walls display murals of the very pretty Lake Como, and fresh flowers are part of the gigantic chandelier which hangs over diners in the pretty and breezy dining room which manages to perfectly strike the balance between whimsical and formal.

Of further note is the wonderfully varied and high quality menu which the Terrace Restaurant in Llandudno provides. The establishment is no stranger to accolades – as the Terrace restaurant has been mentioned in numerous Michelin Good Food Guides, won AA Rosettes and also displays an excellent rating with the local council with regard to food hygiene – but experiencing the menu in person is an experience not quickly forgotten.

Service at the Terrace Restaurant in Llandudno is speedy, but never brisk. It’s a truly excellent place to dine at – by the fact that the staff of this establishment truly cannot do enough for you and your table during your meal.

Monday, September 25, 2017

Enjoy The Perfect Holiday In Your Own Log Cabin

Holidays will last much longer and leave you with far more valuable memories when you stay in a luxurious, comfortable, private lodges in Conwy. Just think about all the advantages that a secluded cabin in the Conwy Valley forests will bring you.

The peace, the quiet, and the isolation are completely invaluable, as well as the capability to come back to reality at your own leisure with the various towns, landmarks, and beaches just a short drive away.
A log cabin is far more cost effective than any hotel stay you may have been on in the past. Money can be saved straight away by staying in and cooking using the cooker, hob, microwave, and work surfaces that come equipped inside. Of course, you are more than welcome to enjoy a night out at any local bistro, restaurant, or bar, but think about the exciting prospect of cooking for your friends and family.
The local area is full to the brim with attractions, activities, and fun for all the family. Even the smallest towns are rich with history and sights to be seen. Conwy is home to the impressive Conwy Castle, and is surrounded by a medieval fortress that dates back all the way to 1283. Llandudno is a picturesque seaside town, with a Victorian pier packed with family friendly entertainment such as arcades and fairground rides.

Families can enjoy quality time together when staying in a log cabin. There is no noise or pollution within this clean environment, so you can enjoy the outside just as much as the inside.

Exploring nature in the hot summer sun is exciting and adventurous, walking through hillsides and mountain ranges. Even when the winter weather approaches, what sounds better than crunching through the snow, then gathering around a roaring fire with a mug of hot chocolate?
It is widely believed that a holiday of this sort is enlightening and inspiring. You are far away enough from your town or city to feel a true sense of seclusion, but not far away enough to feel isolated from the world. And the picturesque natural environment is something completely different when seen with your own two eyes.

Monday, September 11, 2017

The health benefits of red wine and white wine

Health benefits of red wine and white wine
Wine drinkers have their preferences of red and white wines, usually based upon the taste and reputation of a wine. Some people don’t put much consideration into their wine choice and might just pick up a wine based upon the price alone. However, price does not always equal quality.
You should consider now, some further factors that influence your wine, learning what it is exactly that makes you like certain red and white wines.
The origin of wine
The word ‘wine’ comes from the Latin vinum, which stands for wine or grape. The earliest record of it being made dates back to 6000BC – a very, very long time ago! Wine is split into two main categories, red and white.
What is in red wine?
Red wines are made with dark red and black grapes. They are produced through usage of whole groups, including the skin. The skin actually adds colour and flavour, giving the red wines a richer flavour than white wine. Red wines are the preferred types of wine for wine making regions such as Italy and France, with the most popular being Zinfandel, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Pinot Noir, Syrah, Malbec and Sangiovese.
What is in white wine?
The main ingredients in white wines are white grapes, used without skins or seeds. Most white wines have a light and fruity taste, but there are certain whites that carry a stronger, richer taste. Some of the most popular white wines you may have had include Champagne, Pinot Grigio, Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling, Chardonnay, Viognier and Chenin Blanc.
Health Benefits of Red and White Wines
Both red and white wines can be good for your health; however it is worth noting that even though they are made from grapes, doesn’t carry the same health benefits since they’re fermented to go into wine. This means the grapes lose some of their nutrition. However, wines have other benefits.
White wines can improve heart health and help prevent disease, whilst they are also effective in promoting lung health. Red wine contains skins of grapes and as such, means that they have a powerful antioxidant called resveratrol. This can give excellent protection against blood clots, whilst they also effective at inhibiting the activites of enzymes that stimulate growth of cancer cells and slow down immune response. Red wines also contain polyphenols, which are antioxidants that can perform a wide range of useful tasks, from reducing blood pressure and cholesterol, to fighting against harmful bacteria and cancer prevention. Furthermore, there are a lot of flavonoids in red wines, of which these are known to be able to lower the risks of cancer.
A final thought
Generally red wines are considered as more beneficial to your health over white wines. However the high quality white wines available on the market from certain artisan and organic wineries across the world can actually offer greater benefits than red. Even though they are beneficial to your health in certain volumes, they are not to be consumed excessively.

Thursday, September 07, 2017

New Build Apartments for Sale in Rhos on Sea

For those who are looking for relocation to a scenic, coastal locale with high-end living, we’ve got just the thing for you. Newcomer to the North Wales housing market, Brenig Homes, have a debut development in construction, and this fabulous development is easily considered one of the most exciting new builds within the North Wales area. These new build luxury apartments for sale Rhos on Sea are truly worth shouting about.

Brenig Homes are a developer that strive to provide truly exceptional properties in North Wales, built to sustainable building standards (which means that both the local area thrives thanks to the works, and that the properties in question are built well – with unparalleled energy efficiency) The site in which these new build apartments in Rhos on Sea is set at is absolutely fantastic.

Rhos on Sea is not a location that immediately springs to mind – unless you’re a local. The reason for this is that it is a secluded, pretty little bay between the tourist town of Llandudno and Colwyn Bay – and is mostly residential. There is a quaint little promenade as well as quite a few independent shops and larger chain stores, but Rhos on Sea is generally considered one of the best places to live on the North Wales coast due to the nature of the environment.

Rhos on Sea strikes a perfect balance between having enough going on to never feel dull, and also being more peaceful than neighbouring Colwyn Bay and Llandudno.

The properties are set within Evarard Road in Rhos on Sea, which means that the beautiful Rhos on Sea harbour is just a stone’s throw away. Needless to say, the location is absolutely perfect for those of us that want to trade in a busy, hectic life for serene and peaceful coastal views – and the icing on the cake is that Evarard Road is far enough away from Rhos on Sea’s busy promenade to guarantee separation from the busy nature of the town.

If you’re interested in this up and coming development, contact local estate agent Fletcher and Poole to check on the construction schedule. It’s rather prudent to enquire – we can’t see these developments lasting very long on the open market at all!

Thursday, August 24, 2017

The Best Afternoon Tea in Llandudno

Afternoon Tea is something rather special, and something which unfortunately, can be hit or miss. When it comes to enjoying the perfect Afternoon Tea in Llandudno, it always helps to be assured of quality. There are a number of restaurants in Llandudno with a variety of pricing options, but we’re absolutely certain (through extensive and very tasty testing!) we’ve found the very best Afternoon Tea in Llandudno, in terms of choice, value, and quality.

The St Tudno Hotel has a little secret, and something that we weren’t aware of for the longest time. This pretty and historic hotel in Llandudno on the North Parade has it’s very own restaurant, which has been granted Michelin attention. The Terrace at St Tudno is a very unique and very individual little place, providing perfect ambience as well as all manner of features that you simply won’t see anywhere else. The walls of the restaurant are adorned with murals of Lake Como, and fresh flowers are intricately weaved into the grand chandelier of the dining area, providing a beautifully scented feature which is absolutely gorgeous visually.

Should the sun be shining, you’re also more than welcome to take your afternoon tea on the Terrace itself – an intricately tiled and very cosy little area outside the St Tudno Hotel, set at an elevation, where you can enjoy gorgeous panoramic views of the Llandudno Bay and watch the world go by. That’s what Afternoon Tea is all about, isn’t it? It certainly isn’t something that should be rushed, and the Terrace at St Tudno certainly has the features to provide absolutely wonderful dining, whether it is a light bite or a full meal.

The selections of Afternoon Tea at the Terrace in Llandudno are wonderful, as well. Should you be short on time you’re more than welcome to enjoy the Mini Afternoon Tea at the Terrace Restaurant in Llandudno for a modest £6.95. While the pricing is miniscule, you’ll find yourself well provided for. It includes a traditional and very buttery Welsh bara brith, as well as a lemon Madiera cake, which is served alongside a choice of scones, served with whipped cream and of course the Terraces’ own whipped cream and preserve alongside Taylors of Harrogate (the best!) tea and fair trade coffee. It’s perfect should you require a little pick me up.

Should you require something a touch more substantial, the Terrace can offer you all of the above, plus a selection of cut finger sandwiches which are served on either white or brown bread (your choice, of course!) with all manner of locally sourced produce. Meat options for the sandwiches include roast chicken or ham from their supplier in nearby Conwy, or poached or smoked salmon which is locally sourced, as well. That, combined with a fresh selection of their assorted cakes baked that very day we’re sure will hit the spot, and you won’t believe the price at only £11.95.

Should you wish for a little extravagance with your Afternoon Tea in Llandudno (and why not!) there is also the offering of the above, complete with a glass of house Prosecco, as well as fresh strawberries and St Tudno’s very own freshly made ice cream for only £19.95.

Friday, August 11, 2017

Honda Civic Type-R takes home ‘Best Hot Hatch’ award at the Auto Express New Car Awards

Type R rises as champion of Hot Hatch Catagory

Every year Auto Express holds the New Car Awards which one of the industry’s most anticipated award ceremonies.  Created in Britain’s very own Swindon, the Honda Civic Type-R was celebrated last year by being awarded with the Auto Express New Car Award for ‘Best Hot Hatch’. This is known as the most prestigious award in the industry, held for only the highest standard of car.
The car provides exhilarating drive and thrilling speeds - while being practical on an everyday basis. This makes it great for enjoying some high octane driving, but still being able to use as you would any car. Overall, it’s the perfect result for the project, and makes for a wonderful hot hatch.

The perfect driver experience

Honda stated that the vision for the ‘civic Type R’ was superior manoeuvrability of which the driver can put complete confidence in - making the driver feel like they could continue driving infinitely. This dream manifested in reality in the form of this Civic type R.
But we understand - you can’t believe all the hype, so take it from Auto Express Magazine editor who commented that ‘the latest Civic Type R is a shining example of Hondas superlative engineering prowess.’ He went on to say that it sets a new benchmark in class and is the perfect successor to Honda’s great hot hatches of the past.

Fast response

The Honda responds to the driver instantly with zero delay, and with a range of model available you can decide how you want to drive, whether you want to cruise – or to kick it up a notch. The car measures speed, roll, and G force for all road types and conditions and then properly adjusts suspension, steering resistance, gearshift and throttle responds to the perfect conditions are met accordingly. Amazing.
The managing director at Honda UK commented that the awards were excellent news, and that he’s really pleased that customers will be able to receive their car safe in the knowledge that the car is going to be of brilliant quality before they take delivery of it!

You can have a look at a selection of quality cars including the new Type-R at Honda North Wales the go to location for Honda cars for sale Llandudno.

Thursday, August 03, 2017

Gwynt y Mor – Fabulous Homes With Luxurious Living

There’s nothing quite like living by the sea. For eons, mankind has forged a great love for the seafront, and it has been referenced many times in all forms of media. From old poems which wistfully describe the wonder of the sea to modern day television, the sea has long since captured mankind’s attention and devotion—and we are thrilled to announce that a brand new development of luxury apartments for sale North Wales.

Gwynt y Mor is the first offering from a talented new build house developer in Conwy named Brenig Homes, and the site, if anything, is utterly outstanding.

Despite being newcomers to the North Wales housing market. Brenig Homes have certainly made a splash with the wonderfully named Gwynt y Mor (or Sea Breeze, in English) which manages to do the impossible – be of a solid build quality with enough considerate attention to detail and high quality interiors to match the quality of the land of which is it built upon.

The devil is in the detail, and it certainly shows with this fledgling housing developer’s first attempt – put simply, Gwynt y Mor knocks larger, more established developers’ efforts out of the park.

Saying that, Gwynt y Mor does have a single drawback.

Gwynt y Mor looks to be a solid investment for those looking to put resources into the property market – but it also looks like an investment you might have trouble parting with. Make no mistake – you certainly will sell your little piece of Gwynt y Mor when the time comes, here’s absolutely no doubt about it – but you might find yourself attached to the place.

And why not? Occupying magnificent land and boasting unparalleled views of Rhos on Sea harbour, as well as occupying one of the cutest little towns in North Wales is absolutely no mean feat, and Gwynt y Mor manages to combine truly luxurious living with fantastic views, positioning, and a superb build quality which is making waves in the North Wales area, giving much larger developers a run for their money.   

Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Dog Training vs Canine Behaviourists

When you’re dealing with a problem dog, it can be a jarring experience for both you and the dog in question. Sometimes, friendly advice from your peers and books on dog ownership simply don’t cut it – especially when the problem is pressing and could cause a very real possibility of injury to yourself, your dog, or even someone else in the future. When you’ve decided that enough is enough, you need the help of a professional in order to enable you to trust your dog again- fortunately there is help to hand in very many different forms - Dog Training among the most effective.  

Some owners tend to prefer the services canine behaviourists offer, and some prefer dog training. There are some that will try anything, as long as it works. With that considered, what exactly is the best port of call for you and your dog?

There are canine behaviourists and dog training centres, but which works the best for you? Which can give you the highest chance of success? That can be a pretty tough question in itself of course. For instance, a lot of the services a dog training centre and a canine behaviourist offers can vary, and are very much geared toward the owner rather than the dog in question, with canine behaviourists generally tending to visit the owner and dog’s home on a residential basis, and dog training generally requiring that the owner and the dog travel to their facility.

However, there are outliers which can supply absolutely everything which is needed. Specialist dog training centres such as Kelford Dog Training Centre which is tucked away in the pretty Welsh countryside offer completely bespoke services which are intended solely for the dog’s benefit, though of course don’t spare any detail for the owners.

For instance, Kelford Dog Training provide bespoke dog training which is conducted by staff which are qualified in both canine and human psychology, allowing you and your dog to see eye-to-eye and eliminate unwanted behaviours such as aggression or other nervous behaviours via understanding and retraining.

Kelford Dog Training Centre provides a number of services which are tailored to your convenience, as well. As you’re working hard to understand your dog, you’ll be put up in supremely luxurious private accommodation in the heartlands of this beautiful area, and enjoy long trips to the nearby Welsh town of Llangollen and to the nearby forests which allow you unforgettable, entirely beautiful scenery in order to relax and unwind with your best friend.

Advantages of Wood Burning Stoves over Other Types of Heating

Every year winter hits us hard and the long winding cold spell well and truly hits us for a period of several months. Each time we have to cuddle up with our blankets, put our heating on full blast and ensure the cold spell. Uncomfortable and expensive!

There is a better way to deal with the cold time of the year, and now is the time to start considering your options and making plans to avoid another cold and costly winter. Instead of paying a fortune on your heating bills, a one time purchase of a Charnwood wood burning stove could be the key to a cosy winter.

There are a plethora of benefits to keep your home pleasantly warm with wood burning stoves, and this is why.

Cost efficiency

We all know that the price of energy associated with heating is only getting higher and higher. Heating our homes this way has become an expensive exercise that we have to endure every year. The actual long term cost of a wood burning stove and the materials required to run it are far less in the long run than typical heating strategies.

Cosy warmth

The type of heat you could expect to enjoy through a wood burning stove is far more cosy and natural than that of the heat produced through radiators. You can feel the warm blanket brushing across your body as your wood burning stove hits its top gear.

Energy independency

Energy sources such as electricity, gas and oil should not be taken for granted. Gas and oil are non-renewable energy sources that mean they are going to run out one day, since electricity has to be produced largely through associated methods. This suggests that it is unrealistic for prices to stay the same in the future. Installing a wood burning stove is future-proofing your home, whilst benefitting your own home through self-dependence.


The climate is ever changing and putting our existing methods and sources at risk. Power is slowly becoming more unreliable and if you were to experience a cut during the winter months, you would be sure to have a cold few days! A great thing about wood burning stoves is that they are very reliable, ensuring that you always have access to some warmth.

Environmentally friendly

Another fantastic benefit of wood burning stoves is that in contrary to fossil fuels, wood fuel is carbon neutral, meaning that wood burning stoves don’t increase the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Any carbon dioxide emitted is replaced by new trees that are growing as we speak, since they are able to absorb it and re-release oxygen.

One of the most highly recommended types perfect for your home are the Charnwood wood burning stoves, which can offer you longevity, quality and cost efficiency for the next several years.

Friday, July 21, 2017

Fabulous Lodges for Sale in Snowdonia

Snowdonia is a wonderful place, and those that own holiday homes have a fantastic advantage by owning property there. Snowdonia is one of the rare places which is open all year – and no matter what time of the year you visit this National Park, Snowdonia has so much to see and do, it’s almost guaranteed that you won’t tire and absolutely won’t get bored. There are also a series of beautiful holiday homes for sale in Snowdonia – whether your tastes lean toward lodges or caravans we’re absolutely certain that you’ll be spoiled for choice by the offerings North Wales provides in such abundance.

There are a great many holiday parks in Snowdonia, but we think there’s one that is head and shoulders above the rest when it comes to a truly luxurious experience in the heart of the Snowdonia region.

It doesn't get much more luxurious than
Ogwen Bank's beautiful lodges.
With very many luxury brands of both lodges for sale and caravans such as Willerby, Swift, and of course Victory, you can get a high quality break in Snowdonia whenever you like with so many holiday homes for sale at Ogwen Bank – 25 acres of beautiful, unspoiled woodland which offers wonderful views and proximity to the pretty Welsh town of Bangor.

Ogwen Bank's Bar is situated within the pretty
country club which is open to all guests. 
Ogwen Bank has a series of facilities that we’re sure you’ll appreciate, their pretty country club is open to residents and guests throughout the year and offers good food, a fantastic selection of drinks from it’s fully licensed bar and excellent staff which are both friendly and very helpful in helping you make the very most of your holiday in Wales.

Seiont Manor's pool is utterly delightful.
Ogwen Bank offer quite a lot of incentive to owners too – owners of both lodges and caravans at Ogwen Bank are more than welcome to take advantage of nearby Seiont Manor’s spa facilities and pool, at absolutely no charge. Seiont Manor, originally an 18th Century farmstead converted into a Country House, is luxurious and rather stately, and we’re certain that a day of pampering is exactly what you need to truly feel refreshed on your holiday.

Should you not be the cucumber water and steam room type and instead favour the great outdoors and the variety of nail-biting white knuckle adventures the region provides, Ogwen Bank’s position is rather enviable indeed. Right next to Zip World Velocity and a stone's throw away from Surf Snowdonia, Ogwen Bank truly has it all – just waiting for you to experience as you visit again and again.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Luxury Seafront Apartments in Wales

For those looking for something a little bit special in their home – Brenig Homes have something which is built with you in mind. Gwynt y Mor is a beautiful new development on one of the prettiest coastlines within North Wales, offering new homes for sale North Wales which are built to exacting specification, in one of the most beautiful locations in the area.

Gwynt y Mor, or “Sea Breeze” in English, is a development which is placed right by the sea in the very pretty Rhos On Sea. Gwynt y Mor is a series of new build apartments for sale in North Wales which offer opulent luxury and the very highest of specification for you and your family – as well as incredible views of the blue sea and sky, in one of the most beautiful and vibrant little towns on the North Wales coast – and also the most desired coastal location within North Wales.

These 7 luxury apartments provide you with quality on the inside as well. Each and every one of these spacious, high quality apartments offer open plan living, with a dining room and kitchen which is directly connected to a balcony with the most glorious sea views directly off the lounge. Imagine shaking off sleep and waking up while watching the sun rise over the sea – and coming home to witness the beautiful sky as the sun sets – causing the most phenomenal colours across the vast expanse of blue.

The specification and the finish of these luxury apartments for sale in North Wales is fantastic, as well. You’ll be able to enjoy a high-quality designer kitchen with granite worktops and integrated appliances will put the cherry on top. Master bedrooms enjoy large and expansive ensuite bathroom and shower rooms, and granite worktops are fitted as standard.

To learn more about these fantastic properties, visit local estate agent Fletcher and Poole and ask about Gwynt y Mor in order to learn more about these 7 beautiful apartments.  

Monday, June 12, 2017

Lodge Holidays and Holiday Homes for Sale Snowdonia

Staying in a Holiday Lodge is are a great way to spend a weekend or week away with family or friends, and these types of holiday are becoming more and more popular, due to the quality of the lodges, as well as there extremely nice location. Lodges give you the luxury of having all the mod cons and a home from home experience, sometimes to an even higher quality of your own home, but in the outdoor, camping environment, in close access to many attraction and outdoor activities, literally at your doorstep.

Lodges have usually got an open floor plan, very large windows, and a fantastic atmosphere, which all combines very well to give you a real holiday feel. Even if you are unsure about taking a week away in a Lodge, a weekend will be a great taster, and will definitely leave you wanting more, especially if you pick the right spot, and know what kind of things to do are around and what attractions are nearby. Popular locations for lodges are in holiday parks dotted across the country, often close to picturesque places such as Snowdonia in North Wales where you able to enjoy fantastic rivers, or glistening lakes, with activities and scenery giving you the perfect holiday experience.

This environment is perfect for young families and friends that allow them to really have a fun filled holiday, with endless activities that will keep them busy and active! The surrounding landscape will often be perfect for a walk or barbeque on a lovely summer evening. A great place to stay is in the Snowdonia area, where there is a wealth of lodges in the area, with a recommended park called Gwydyr Park Holiday Park, which has a beautiful area and fantastic location, perfect for you and your friends or families holidays. Fun for all the family!

Morfa Lodge holiday park provides several pitches for tourers but for those looking for a more permanent fixuture, check out their holiday homes for sale in Snowdonia

Caravan Parks Mid Wales

Brightwaters Lakes is a lovely family run Caravan Park Mid Wales. Set in 30 acres of magnificent valley, country views and lakes, it is a very tranquil and relaxing place to spend your holidays and for those looking for a holiday home there are new and pre-owned caravans and lodges to choose from.

Located close to the Shropshire and Powys border in Mid Wales, Brightwaters Lakes is within easy reach of Midlands, Merseyside and Cheshire. The Park has two fully stocked fishing lakes an indoor heated swimming pool and numerous on site facilities and activities.

Brightwater lakes offer a lot more than just a caravan holiday. They also have onsite holiday homes and lodges for sale. With an extra long season from March to December (10 months), this is a wonderful place to enjoy numerous holidays throughout the year. There are many plots available, including valley views, close to the lake and even extra large plots if you think you may need them for you ever growing family or friends. All the lodges are located with extra large plots and gardens and have a 40 year license. Whether you are looking for new or pre-owned holiday homes you will certainly find what you are looking for at Brightwater Lakes.

Within 5 miles of Brightwater Lakes lies the market town of Welshpool, which is a lovely place to visit for a spot of lunch or some shopping.

You will never be bored at Brightwater Lakes with various activities and facilities to keep the whole family entertained including fishing, tennis, swimming, numerous play areas, football, basketball, putting green and games rooms.

There are also numerous games, competitions and trips organised by the park to keep you entertained throughout your whole trip. Of course if you prefer to take it easy and stroll around the grounds at your own pace, or just sit and take in the magnificent views surrounding the park then why not, it’s your holiday at the end of the day!!