Monday, October 31, 2016

Humphreys Holidays – All you need to make memories

Humphreys Holidays is a decidedly new venture, but it gives you all the best North Wales has to offer for you and your loved one. Choose between a handsomely outfitted Holiday Cottage in Conwy Town named Fourteen, or for those that wish to truly get away from it all, there’s a wonderfully out-out-town escape named the High Cabin, which offers unparalleled luxury. This superior self catering accomodation in Conwy is your escape- and the source of many great memories for years to come.

The High Cabin in particular benefits from its very own hot tub, and complete and total privacy thanks to it’s remote location. One of the best kept secrets in North Wales, this wonderfully modern and fully outfitted cabin will be yours and yours alone.

For those that would wish for a holiday that doesn’t feel quite as remote, Fourteen offers all of the luxury you’d expect from a dedicated cottage within one of the prettiest towns in Wales. Whether you come to Wales with a loved one or your whole family, we can promise that the medieval castle walls of Conwy town will leave you absolutely enthralled.

Humphreys Holidays understands just what it means to have a special holiday. Ran by Justin and Jane Humphreys, they are hardly new to the hospitality scene. With years of experience of managing and maintaining the famous Groes Inn within Conwy, they know a thing or two about creating an absolutely harmonious environment which is perfect to enjoy the very best North Wales has to offer.

The North Wales region in itself is superb, as well. From undergoing extensive renovation throughout the past 10 years, this region was recently named the 4th best place in the world to stay by traveller’s guru, Lonely Planet. High praise indeed, and North Wales is deserving of every single accolade thrown it’s way thanks to it’s unique attractions, and high quality accommodation which is sure to help make your time very memorable.     

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Class Doesn’t have to be Pretentious

Hunting for an excellent place to eat can be quite arduous. How many of us want a fantastic dining experience, but the thought of food on slabs of slate or wood makes us roll our eyes? While of course there’s nothing wrong with modern dining, for more than a few of us, attentive service, comfortable surroundings and great, hearty food is all that we want.

Othello’s Restaurant in Llandudno is very much an undiscovered treasure within this seaside town, and hosts a variety of wonderful offerings such as their mouthwatering and undeniably special but decidedly not too-over the top Early Bird Menu which is geared toward theatregoers primarily with a variety of offerings. If hearty, well-prepared food is your thing, you can’t go wrong.

With a vast choice of fresh and very appetising starters such as sweet chili battered chicken strips served with a light mayonnaise dip, to hearty and filling mains such as oven baked horseshoe gammon, onto absolutely indulgent desserts such as apple and cinnamon crumble, the Early Bird Menu has all that you need to get a good meal that isn’t woefully overcomplicated.

However, if you’re after something which is a little bit special, the a la carte menu is available at all times for your dining pleasure. How about a starter which consists of stuffed mushroom which is crammed full of garlic Atlantic prawns, then topped with melted blue cheese and garnish?

For your main, how about a double loin of lamb, stuffed with lemon and mint, served on a rustic ratatouille and olive oil mashed potato?

Desert is especially decadent, with baked pear frangipane tart which is served with a warm, rich custard, as an example.  There’s a world of choice with your meal at Othello’s, as well as friendly and attentive staff that truly go out of their way to make sure that you’re very well taken care of.  

Friday, October 21, 2016

How Large Men Stay Dressed Sharp

Staying looking sharp isn’t always easy, especially when you find yourself having to shop around for big mens suits to get the ideal fit. There are a few tips you can pick up to keep you looking sharp at all times, for an interview for business or a special occasion.

#1 Rule – Always have at least one good suit in the closet. You’re always going to need at least one decent suit even if you work within a relaxed setting. You can easily make a sharp blazer look more casual by styling with a pair or relaxed trousers or even jeans but you will never be able to make a casual outfit look as formal as a suit.

#2 Rule – Look after your clothes. Even though your suit will come with a hanging hook at the back of your blazer, you should avoid using as a permanent way to hang your blazer. Often your suit will be dry clean only so you want to keep it in the best shape possible. Always use a dedicated suit and pants hanger that will support the shoulders and stop them from creasing over. Remove the fuzz from your wool items and keep you clothes lint free.

#3 Rule – It’s all in the detail – You can certainly get away with wearing less expensive gear providing you that you accessorise and are wear the right fit. A pocket handkerchief, sunglasses and a quality belt help to pull your final look together.

#4 Rule - Build from your base colours – If you’re not too sure about which colours work well, it’s always recommended to build from whites and blues which work for most occasions. From there, you can choose some colours that work well with you suit(s) and are acceptable for your workplace.

#5 Rule – Buy real leather footwear. You’ll wear these shoes most days for the office so they need to last. Real leather can be easily nourished with a lick of polish and made to look like new again. It is also renowned for being one of the most comfortable materials, moulding to the shape of your feet, whilst still being able to hold good shape.

Friday, October 14, 2016

See Snowdonia from a Luxury Lodge

We love holidaying, and we feel that British tourism is indeed on the up. Whereas the thought of British Tourism conjures thoughts of outdated arcades, seagulls, ice cream cones and caravans situated so close to each other we can scarce wonder how tourists even breathe, let alone coexist together in such cramped surroundings where it might seem that the slightest noise would wake up every living thing within a twenty caravan radius, we were more than happy to learn that each and every assumption we had made about the industry was incorrect in 2016.

That, as well as the age old belief that holidaying in the UK within winter is a fool’s errand.
Yes, you heard us right. There’s a number of amazing things to do and see and some very real natural beauty which simply isn’t there in the summer within Snowdonia, and we’re very pleased to say that we don’t think you’ve lived until you’ve seen the colours of Autumn reflected in this wild Welsh wonderland.

There’s also some very high quality accommodation options available off season, for bargain prices, with absolutely no sacrifice in regard to excellent service or amenities – literally just as good as when you’d visit in high season.

Ogwen Bank is an excellent example of this. The park itself is a very classy, high end retreat for those in the know... but also very welcoming to families, and not pretentious even in the slightest. Ogwen Bank is a very high-end package for those in the loop enough to seek it out, and we’re very certain that it could actually qualify as a Welsh treasure.

 Situated in the quaint Welsh region of Bethesda within Snowdonia, Ogwen Bank boasts an absolutely stunning surroundings of acres upon acres of absolutely unspoiled woodland. While we couldn’t quite bring ourselves to take the plunge and give caravanning a try (Unfortunately, we’ve far too many memories of childhood camping experiences!) their lodges are absolutely high quality and utterly desirable places to be.

We couldn’t help but think as we initially stepped into a high-quality woodland lodge, literally right on the bank of the River Ogwen, that boasts a number of amazing features. In our eyes, it was more like a high-quality house than a wooden lodge, and it was very tastefully outfitted which offered all of the comforts of home, as well as so much more. Apparently, Ogwen Bank has even better lodges for sale in North Wales than the one we stayed at!

British tourism is indeed going from strength to strength, and it’s not difficult whatsoever to see why, thanks to companies such as Ogwen Bank leading the way when it comes to offering some seriously high-end accommodation at very reasonable rates. 

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Men’s Winter Trends 2016

Summer has now come to an end and it’s time to start investing in a winter wardrobe. Now’s the time to get in the know of this seasons trends which are ideal for larger sized men looking for physique flattering choices. Large men’s clothing of winter, 2016 is set to embark on a season of strong, definitive style matching the old with the new.

Duffle Coats – They’re back with a bang. This season the most popular style on the catwalk was the modernised camel colour duffle coat. But don’t be afraid to put your own spin on it and go long, short or a completely different colour. The duffle coat is great option for men with a rounded upper body physique, adding padding and clean edges to the shoulders.

70’s Colours – So we’re not quite back to all out flairs but we will most certainly be seeing the comeback of the colour tones of the 70’s including coppers and warmer toned check coats and jackets. This cooler season is going to bring the range of cable knit back, which will work beautifully with 70’s inspired outfits.

Texture on Texture – This season is all about mixing up the textures all the way from your suit and tie to your jumpers, shirt and jackets. This season’s suits are sleek, incorporating the old with the new. A modern fitted suit with the timeless pocket watch piece can easily be worn to a formal event. For casual, go for a warm undertone which can be matched with a knitted sweater. Don’t forget to go for a lighter knit if you don’t want to add bulk.

The Funnel Neck – the turtle neck jumper has had its time in 2015 but now, we move towards a more relaxed look which can be worked so conveniently into many styles. Wear it with your duffle coat or even style is with a pair of jeans.
Suspenders – If you’re going for a suited up look or even a relaxed style, suspenders are making their way back in fashion, sitting nicely alongside the bearded look. Of course, if there’s one thing a larger man holds well, its larger accessories. Match with a pair of sunglasses and a hat to finish the look.

Friday, October 07, 2016

The Weeping Window in Caernarfon

The Weeping Window – a travelling installation that has taken the country by storm as part of a far larger installation – Blood Swept Lands and of course Seas of Red, which both commemorate those who were lost within World War 1 (Known as the Great War – for the sheer scale of life lost on all sides) is in Caernarfon Castle this year, and even with less than a month to go until Remembrance Day, Droves of people have come out already in order to visit this amazing attraction.

We’re somewhat conflicted when it comes to the Weeping Window. It, Blood Swept Lands, and Seas of Red are of course very beautiful things, and we can’t help but feel a very real sense of awe when we look upon them. It’s no wonder that they have captured the hearts of the British public since their debut within the Tower of London and have raised some very much-needed funds for the British legion as result.

Saying that, the ceramic poppies are also a very real and very poignant symbol of the sheer scale of loss- and this can’t be discounted.

 Each and every poppy is crafted within Caernarfon’s Weeping Window to be representative of the 35,000 Welsh Fusilliers who lost their lives to defend the UK, and seeing the poppies flow from the window of Caernarfon castle and pool into red is a very sobering thing. We were fortunate enough to have seen much larger displays in the past, such as the Blood Swept Lands within London when it was first installed – but we don’t feel underwhelmed by Caernarfon’s exhibit. Not at all.
One might think that a smaller display equals less of an experience, but it’s not that at all. The way that the poppies are positioned – some fixed within the ground, some even drilled into the castle’s ramparts, gives a very correct approximation of the scale of those lost, and the pain of their loved ones.

Essentially, it’s a very sobering place to visit, and it’s purpose in capturing the hearts of the British public and staying true to the underlying message is very well achieved. You’re more than capable of taking a child to the Weeping Window and being confident that there’s enough to the exhibit to accurately capture the child’s imagination, yet the underlying message of those lost within the Great War is not cheapened by it's popularity. 

We managed to get a place within the T’yn Rhos Country House Hotel near Caernarfon to experience the Weeping Window, and we found the stay refreshing. The Country House has a dignity to it, but the atmosphere is rather light and airy. As for location, the Ty’n Rhos Country House was less than 15 minutes drive away from Caernarfon Castle, and should you wish to see this attraction, is highly encouraged.