Wednesday, June 30, 2010

North Wales Hair Dressing

There are so many different fashions and styles going on at the moment from bold, bright patterns and vintage florals to casual grudge. The best way to get the full effect of whatever style your going for this season is to have a hairstyle that matches. Like to change your style? No worries, many staple and easily changeable hairstyles are in fashion right now as well.

It’s proven that your hairstyle is one of the main things people notice about you, so you need a hairstyle that suits you, a nice shiny hairstyle to match your nice shiny personality!

If you are going for the vintage/floral look this summer then the best thing to do is keep it natural. Shades of honey and brown, even a splash of red go really well with this style. Girls with uncontrollable curls, stop trying to tame them! Big hair and big sunnies are very in this season. If you are very daring then you could opt for a pixie cut- uber fashionable and keeps you cool as you don’t have all that hair on your neck, but remember you need an oval or very thin face shape for this style. Johnny Depp-esque high cheekbones help too, so do ask your hairdresser if you have the right face before you commit to this one. You don’t have to chop you hair off to keep cool, tie all your hair up and place in an oversized straw hat for a vintage effect, or tie in two cute bunches!

Long silky straight hair goes well with many styles, especially paired with big, full fringe. This look is not just easy to create, but very striking and effective- You will definitely stand out from the crowd!

If you do decide to dye your hair this summer remember -if you have darker skin, stick to colder shades such as dark browns and blacks, and if you are of lighter complexion warmer shades will suit you better (e.g. blondes and reds).

What ever you decide to do, you will need to be able to trust your hairdresser, and you will most definitely need to know a hairdresser that is reputable. Look no further, for your North Wales hair dressing needs, visit TH1 hairdressers in Bangor. TH1 is a very popular salon in the heart of Bangor, North Wales. They have a huge client list and they can help you decide on the perfect style or hair colours to suit you face and skin tone.

Non Surgical Beauty Treatments

TH1 beauty provides a variety of different beauty treatments, such as body treatments, facials, hand and feet treatments and many more. These treatments range between £10 - £100.

At the moment, there are numerous popular treatments that you can have. One of the most popular treatments to have is a full body massage. This treatment relaxes you, it treats the skin and it improves blood circulation. The cost of this treatment varies between £28 - £46.

Facial treatments are also very popular. A good facial treats your skin of any impurities; there are many different variations of facials available depending on preference and skin type. A facial is a great way to relax and de-stress. Facials can delay the onset of wrinkles by relaxing the facial muscles. TH1 Beauty can provide you with specific facials or anti ageing facials, these come at a price of £41 - £50. Facials also remove the outer layer of cells (epidermis) of the skin along with pollutants. TH1 Beauty also provides make-up treatments to help you relax, the prices for these range between £20 - £30.

TH1 Beauty also provides popular hand and feet treatments, like manicures and pedicures. These are also very popular as they are one of the cheaper options (£10-£30) but they do benefit your skin by making your skin look younger and they do have a long lasting effect, however they do make your toes and fingers look glamorous, also, manicures and pedicures hydrate feet, hands, nails and knuckles; and the massage that accompanies the manicures and pedicures will help to improve the health of the skin by increasing blood circulation.

Spray tanning is another very popular treatment that has taken off in the last few years. People use this so they are brown all year long regardless of the weather! Spray tans have been proven to be better than using creams or lotions and also because it’s a spray it covers your skin evenly leaving no blotchy areas. TH1 can provide this at a price of £15 - £30.

As you can see, there are many popular beauty treatments available nowadays to treat yourself, a friend or a family member to. And all these are available at TH1 Salon, a very popular Bangor Beauty Salon.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Smokers Choice Guide

We have put together this great little website which covers a wide range of information regarding tobacco, the history of tobacco, tobacco regions and a look at some tobacco accessories that are required for certain smokers.

Whether you are a cigarette smoker, a pipe smoker, or you like to roll your own cigarettes you will most certainly find some interesting facts about where tobacco comes from and how it has become a very popular sought after product all over the world.
Smokers Choice Guide covers some very interesting facts about the process of tobacco cultivation, an in-depth look at different tobacco types, along with other interesting tobacco facts.

We have also put together some great tobacco articles to further broaden your knowledge about this very popular produce.

If you are interested in viewing a wide range of tobacco products ow wish to buy tobacco visit uktobacco is a family run tobacconist since 1926 which has grown extensively over the years and now has a large customer base both in the UK and overseas.

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

UK Business Services

UK Business Services blog is a fantastic resource offering information on all the best places to do business in the United Kingdom, from Yacht Chartering services, Fine Wine to Coffee machines and supplies. UKBS covers a broad range of business categories that make for very interesting reading material with a lot of informative information that is written with completely unique content.

Please take some time to visit UK Business Services Blog