Australian white wine

Australian white wine is mainly grown in the south regions of the country. This is due to the cooler climates that the grapes need to ripen perfectly. As Australian wine is very largely exported, being the fourth largest wine exporter in the world, not all Australian white wine is of a great quality. There are a lot of mass produced factory wines which you will need to steer clear of when choosing a good Australian White Wine. It’s a good idea to pick an Australian white from a smaller long-running estate with a good reputation to ensure you get a good quality Australian white.

You can tell a lot from looking at the colour of an Australian white wine, as it is extremely varied from golden to orange to very pale yellow. An Australian white with a deeper colour usually means that the wine will be deep tasting and rich. Also from looking at the colours of these whites you can tell which grapes have been used to create the wine.

The most popular Australian White Wines are

Chardonnay- A classic grape that became the most planted in Australia in the 1980s. An Australian Chardonnay can vary in tastes, depending on where it is grown. It will usually have tastes of vanilla and oak combined with fruity tastes of melon and tropics if from a warmer region, and tastes of citrus and grapefruit from the cooler regions.

Semillion – This white offers very unique tastes and shows the diversity in wine produced from Australia. Again this wine will offer different tastes depending on where the gapes are grown.

Sauvignon Blanc – This Australian white wine is on the rise in grape planting and popularity. This is because Australia’s large land masses can accommodate these grapes preferred ripening climate. Sauvignon Blanc is best grown in a cooler region but again can have different tastes depending upon where it is grown. In the colder regions, it has characteristics of grassy and gooseberry flavours, in the warmer regions it has flavours of passion fruit and acidity.


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