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World Teddy Bear Picnic Day

Ahead of the World Teddy Bear Picnic Day taking place on July 10th 2016, we thought it would be hugely beneficial to talk about a few different activities that can be incorporated into this wonderful event. Whether you’re at a school, hosting a party or having a picnic in the park with your child, all of the following ideas can be incorporated to ensure a happy, celebratory and teddy bear loving day.

The Teddy Bear Picnic Day has been a strong tradition in the western world, having first taken place in 1988. More recent years have seen the special day spread globally, with parts of Asia and Africa being keen to enjoy the cuddly day.

Go on a Bear Hunt!

As many will already know the ‘We’re going on a bear hunt’ rhyme, you could incorporate the things that feature in the rhyme to your teddy bear picnic. Of course, ensuring the children bring along their cuddly teddy bear is a must, adding to the fun of the event.

The things to look for as per the words in the rhyme:

- swishy swashy grass
- splashy splashy water
- squelch squerch mud
- stumble stumble trip sticks and leaves

Dress up your teddy bear

There are a few different ideas you can incorporate when dressing up your teddy bear. Firstly, using nature - through flowers, daisy chains, wooden/string necklaces, grasses and leaves, you can add some funky accessories to your cuddly teddy bear.

Another excellent idea is to try some of the coolest and cutest teddy bear clothing, including some of the Build a Bear outfit’s range. These include astronaut outfits, ‘bat bear’, little pink/blue pyjamas, deluxe fairy dress’, construction worker or many others as featured here.

Sing the Teddy Bear songs

Why not get a group of you together and sing the teddy bear songs we all know and love, which can be done in a circle, on a walk or as an organised parade. Use the parade as the perfect opportunity to show off your teddy bears new outfit, whether it's one you’ve made from natural objects, build a bear kits, or bear factory style clothing!

Bear Games

Teddy Bear’s Footsteps

For those that know the classic ‘Grandma’s Footsteps’ you can quickly understand the rules and guidelines for this game.

One child will begin the game as the bear, while the other children play the hunters. The bear will stand at the end of a cleared space with their back to the other children, while the other children start at the other end, several metres away. An adult will shout go, and the children have to creep up on the bear, who is allowed to turn around briefly. When the bear turns around, the hunters must freeze, or the bear has spotted them and they will be out of the game. The process is repeated until one of the hunters manages to tap the bear on the back, under the instruction of ‘Go!’ from the adult.

Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear, Bear Hunt!

This is a variation of the famous game ‘Duck Duck Goose’, which will consist of children sitting around in a circle, holding their teddy bears. One child will begin gently tapping each child on the head while walking around the circle, saying ‘Teddy Bear’ on each head, until he or she randomly chooses to shout ‘Bear Hunt’.

At this stage, the child that was tapped with the world ‘Bear Hunt’ will have to jump up and run fast to chase the other child around the circle. It is essentially a race around the circle for the child’s space on the floor. Whoever gets around first will be the winner, with the loser taking the position tapping the heads of children.

Invent your own game!

Playing hide and seek with your teddies, hiding one teddy and hunting for him, or having a dress up teddy bear competition are all great ways to have fun on the July 10th.

With the teddy bear officially in its 114th year of age, it is most definitely time to continue on the traditions and enjoyment to be had with such wonderful, cuddly companions. While children are famed fans of these teddy bears, adults should not discourage themselves from getting involved and dressing up their teddy bear with build a bear kits!

Image by 'zyxoma' / Licence

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Friday, May 13, 2016

Designing the rooms of your home for long term happiness

There is no so such thing as a magic formula when it comes to creating the perfect room. Every room of the house is used differently and will require a different angle of attack. Using your imagination and picking up inspiration are the best basic ways to approach any given room in the home.

The key to a lovely home is by no means spending a fortune on pricey furniture or designer fixtures, but more so about ensuring that everything inside of the space works in compliance with one another, guaranteeing a well-balanced and positive workspace.

Creating a lovely space for you to live in happily should by no means require you to break the bank. Careful and creative purchases will ensure that you have a successful and affordable experience.
Here are some handy tips, rules and inspiration to follow to ensure that you get exactly what you need.

You've got to live with it

It’s especially important to consider that you are going to have to live in your new space for a long time. The decisions you make now will play a large part of how you see and enjoy the different rooms of your house and normally stay the way you decorated them for several years.

There are a few questions that you should ask yourself before you crack on and decorate. Does it make you happy? Is it practical for the use you are going to give it? Kitchen design fitters are commonly an excellent place to begin when it comes to getting ideas for one of the most practical and used rooms of the house.

Soften your corners

Most things have 90 degree angles. Many rugs, tables, chairs and pictures with square sides would hugely benefit from placing items with softer sides to help make the room more visually stimulating. A round coffee table or soft edged rug can make a huge difference to your room.

Avoid buying sets

Many like to buy sets and while it can result in some lovely pieces of equipment and furniture, your home will look like you just went out one afternoon and purchased all of your items. The best homes have a blended, organic range of furniture’s and house hold items, ensuring that things aren’t too ‘matchy’.

Don’t over-theme

Having themed rooms is great, but don’t go overboard with the whole idea. While having a white and blue sail theme can be lovely, things can become a little strange looking once they start to incorporate ropes and circle mirrors. Keep rooms functional, good looking and fairly neutral, as rooms such as the kitchen will normally receive the largest footfall.

Clear choice for white
There are a plethora of white colours available for your purchase. If you are going to choose white, do it right! There are whites that incorporate yellow, pink, blue and grey, so testing with a sample pot is often a good idea before you go all out and cover your walls in it.

Embrace your architecture
Don’t try and make the room something it’s not. Dress it up as you would yourself, highlight your assets and disguise and play down the other areas. Highlight only the best features of each room, playing down the not so good.

Taking on some of the advice and guidance in this article will ensure that you don’t make big mistakes when decking out your rooms. Nobody wants to spend lots of time and efforts, only to result in disappointment, redecoration and the gutting feeling of making a mistake.

Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Teddy Bear Picnic Day 2016

'Today's the day the teddy bears have a picnic'. Well not quite today, but soon approaching is July 10th and with this day comes the World Teddy Bear Picnic Day! This wonderful event is set to be a kids favourite (well, and some adults) whereby we can all get together and enjoy a lovely day of picnics, cuddly friends and family.

The year 1988 saw the birth of this celebratory day that is enjoyed worldwide, with many children opting to take their teddy bear wherever they go on their summer day out. It is also becoming more common for people to build their own bear, whereby your child can express their creative abilities and imagination. It is worth noting that most build a bear kits are in fact stitching, scissor and sewing free, so that it is one hundred percent safe for your child to enjoy.

Arrange a get together with all your loved ones and enjoy a picnic in the park with your favourite food, games and activities, with the likes of singing, dancing and entertainment to bear themed music being huge favourites and popular choices.

Did you know that the famed ‘Teddy Bears Picnic’ song that was written by John Walter Bratton was originally an instrumental only song – which later became reinvented by James Kennedy with the famous teddy bear lyrics that we all know! This song is an excellent one to play during the day as children of all ages are likely to know the words.

Picnics are considered as a classic British activity and the time of year couldn't be better for one. July is normally a wonderful month is terms of weather, so enjoying this traditional but ever so enjoyable pastime is the perfect way to enjoy the day.

For those that wish to put on a ‘build a bear party’ Be My Bear supply a range of kits that come in different sizes, themes and not forgetting, the fabulous range of bear clothing that means you can dress them up however you like. There are different animal types, custom voice records, adorable party invites and many other ideas all available from the award winning bear factory company.

Image credit Pixabay - Greyerbaby