Thursday, March 30, 2017

Luxury Stays at Bargain Prices

The Ty’n Rhos Country House Caernarfon Hotel is one of our favourite places to stay in North Wales, and for very good reason. This charming Caernarfon Hotel has absolutely everything we like when it comes to time away from home. Luxury bedding, individually designed rooms, stellar customer service, expansive gardens, and perfect proximity to the beautiful wilderness of Snowdonia as well as proximity to the thriving and picturesque towns of Bangor and Caernarfon make the Ty’n Rhos truly unique – as well as the other things that this charming Country House in the North Wales Countryside has to offer.

One of the Ty’n Rhos’ best features is an assortment of frequent special offers. For instance, presently the Ty’n Rhos Country House Hotel in Snowdonia is running through their Spring Special Offer, which means that lucky participants will get the opportunity to stay in one of the Ty’n Rhos’ much vaunted (and in our opinion, worth every part of the praise) Superior King (Or Twin, if you’d prefer!) rooms, or even the Superior Courtyard rooms.

As part of this fantastic offer, you’ll receive three nights stay, which includes a three-course dinner from the Ty’n Rhos fantastic fine dining restaurant in Caernarfon, your bed for the night and of course the Ty’n Rhos’ very hearty Welsh breakfast (with all of the trimmings!) for each night of your stay. This fantastic offer is made even more special by the virtue of how much you get with it, as well.

You’ll receive a cream tea which is completely free of charge throughout one day (We even changed our minds, which wasn’t a problem at all for the amazing staff at the Ty’n Rhos Country House Hotel!) and petit fours each night.

The Ty’n Rhos Country House Hotel in Snowdonia is truly the best of the best accommodation in the North Wales area in terms of luxury, and the fact that such a fantastic stay comes with all of the trimmings and at such a fractional rate is truly amazing. Check out their website for more deals.    

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Why You Should Always Use Natural Dog Shampoo

Coat-care, along with dog training, diet and health is one of the most important aspects of dog ownership

Not all pet owners know their pet’s skin is actually very sensitive and pet shampoos which contain perfumes and other chemicals can leave your pets skin feeling quite uncomfortable. In fact, some of the most common pet shampoos will advise not to use on puppies or on pets with skin problems for this very reason.
Certain breeds in particular are prone to skin conditions, which mean that they might extra care and attention to what ingredients are being used. In fact, your safest and most convenient option is to natural with your grooming products which contain better quality ingredients which your pet is more likely to get on well with.
Natural pet shampoo is a really effective product in removing all the dirt and grime, without totally stripping the skin of its natural protective oil. Natural dog shampoo by ‘Lila Loves It’ for example, are ph. balanced which also include natural oils and botanicals that will help your pooches’ coat healthy, glossy and smelling lovely. This brand in particular has attained certification for the NPS Label (Natural Product Standard), offering great reassurance to pet wonders. ‘Lila Loves It’ also produces a first aid ointment for pets with sore, red or itchy skin, making it fantastic brand to trust in for your pet’s needs.
Another brand to consider might be the ‘Hownd itch Relief Dog Shampoo’ and body mist. Again, is a ph balanced product which should help you to avoid harsh reactions in sensitive pooches. It contains Oat kernel and argan oil alongside Aloe Vera leaf juice to soothe and hydrate skin whist the rose, orange and bergamot essential oils leave behind a fresh fragrance.
Pepe loves also supplies a range of grooming products to go along with your Natural Pet Shampoo. You’ll be able to purchase your natural bristle brushes or even metal bristles in line with your pet’s needs. Take a look at their range today and find the perfect product to suite your dog’s sensitive skin.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

What to Look For in a Wedding Venue in North Wales

Planning a wedding is considered one of the most stressful things you’ll do in your lifetime. There can be a lot of pressure, to make the day absolutely perfect and one to remember forever. Unfortunately, the big day comes with quite the price tag, so you need to be sure that you’re getting the best for your money.

On site accommodation – One of the first things you should look for in wedding venues Snowdonia, is onsite accommodation for your wedding party. Talhenbont Hall for example, offers a range of rooms in the Hall itself, as well as in the other self catering cottages Snowdonia. Being self-catered, they allow guests to use their space how they please and tailor the day to suit your arrangements.

Grounds – Never underestimate the value of beautiful grounds at your potential venue, as they have the ability to make or break the big day. Your guests will most likely want to enjoy the outside or immediate grounds of your wedding venue, whether it’s glorious or not. Beautiful grounds will only add value to your b

Cater for Both Ceremony and Reception – Of course this one might not be for everyone, but for those who might not desire a church wedding, being able to have your ceremony and reception at the same venue can be a huge plus. Your guests won’t need to arrange travel from one place to another and it means you’ll have the luxury of being able relax on the day, knowing everything you need will be close by.

Food & Drink – A venue that is able to arrange and manage your catering offers great reassurance to those who might be concerned about having to book everything separately. You want to know that the caterer will be experienced in delivering an exceptional meal (and experience) on the day and are able to meet the standard that the venue sets.

ig day and give you some beautiful wedding photos.