The Best Restaurant In Caernarfon In 2017

Our opinion of a restaurant can go downhill very swiftly should it not quite deliver in all aspects of service and expectation. You can often have a perfectly fine meal in a perfectly fine restaurant, and perhaps a rude member of staff, an inattentive attitude, or even a wine list that resembles something you’d normally see at a Wetherspoons can ruin the experience. That’s before you’ve even reached the food.

Perhaps it sounds cruel, but we’re quite firm on this - When you go out to enjoy fine dining, a standard experience you can replicate at home simply won’t do. You want the best of the best of everything, you want to be wowed, amazed and you want to be looked after – and you want to feel that every penny of your bill afterwards was worth it.

While indeed there is a large difference between fine dining and just going out for a midweek meal, it should be noted that there is a large amount of difference between a restaurant and a fine dining restaurant. They simply don’t compare – even if restaurant owners are more than happy to slap the words “fine dining” around to get a few more bodies through the door. This never works well, of course. All you need to do is look upon any sort of ratings website and you can see just how harsh some critics can be – and how the wrong anything can really ruin the mood and the entire experience when it comes to eating.

Rightly so, really. Eating out is about the food but it isn’t really – it’s the entire package, the surroundings, the table, the staff, the drinks… and also the food, and the smallest mistake can cost dearly as the term fine dining has become synonymous with quality in every single respect.
There is so much margin for error in any restaurant, but there’s a little restaurant in Caernarfon which stands head and shoulders above its competitors as the best place in the region to go for fine dining, and believe it or not – this little restaurant in North Wales is part of a country house hotel in Caernarfon.

The Tyn Rhos Country House hotel has everything you need for an excellent evening out. Ambience, daily menus, quality furnishings, décor, attentive and educated staff which yes, really do know their wines and can suggest quite a few offerings to compliment your food from the Tyn Rhos’ wine list which features just shy of 100 different offerings.

When it comes to fine dining in Caernarfon, the Tyn Rhos Country House Hotel has everyone else beat. There really is no reason to go anywhere else.


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