Bluetooth Car Kits for Safer Driving

The investment of hands free mobile phone accessory can make life easier for anybody, helping you carry out business on the go and keep you connected anytime, anywhere.

A hands free Bluetooth car accessory offers a solution to any problems you would have without one of these fantastic pieces of kit.

Bluetooth car kits North Wales will keep you following the law and stops you from illegally operating a mobile phone whilst driving.

The risk a driver takes when operating a mobile phone in the car, fumbling around for the phone or attempting to untangle a wire is large and incredibly dangerous.

No matter how confident you are in your driving ability, accidents can happen, so it’s always best to avoid doing things which will take your attention way from the road.

The installation of hands free car kit allows the driver to quickly and safely identify the call and take it through a much safer manner whilst in the car. The sound quality of hands free allows calls to be heard easily at both ends due to improved technology and quality of different models.

With the new driving law now in place, being caught driving with a mobile phone in hand can end up costing you a hefty fine – and six points on your licence. This means that new drivers face an automatic ban if caught using their phone whilst on the road.

DJH Communications offer a range of Bluetooth car kits and accessories with full installation services on any product. As well as the popular hands free car kits, Gemini Tech offers other products helping vehicle security and efficiency, including GPS tracking devices.

With 20 years of experience within the communications industry, DJH Communications are able to advise you on which services and products will best suit your personal requirements.

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