Friday, September 30, 2016

Your Home By The Sea

Many of us dream of living by the sea, and it’s a sad fact that most of us don’t make it. The city after all is a great place, full of opportunity and commodity, and for many of us, we live here well into retirement while dreaming about getting away from the rat race once and for all. Help is at hand with your dream, notable housing developer Blue Bay Homes have almost completed a truly spectacular development right on one of the most beautiful coastlines within the UK!

The aptly named View, by Blue Bay Homes is a special development which features a myriad of excellently appointed houses and apartments, each freshly built, and overlooking the wonderful cliffside of Colwyn Bay. But where’s Colwyn Bay, you might ask? It’s just a ways down the A55. This excellent arrangement of apartments in Colwyn Bay and houses in Colwyn Bay are reachable from Liverpool and Manchester in around 2 hours.

The area itself is pretty special as well - You might worry that you’ll be stuck in the Welsh Countryside. While indeed being in the country is quite a nice prospect, sometimes it can feel a little too remote. Thankfully, you won’t be. With this particular development, you’re within range of a host of charming towns and shopping centres, such as Llandudno - the winner of the Best Seaside resort in the UK 2016, according to TripAdvisor-- and Conwy, a wonderful castle town that sounds medieval, but features a variety of shops and things to do which are very 21st Century.

The apartments and houses themselves are spacious, very well outfitted, and even come with a variety of fabulous fixtures which are yours to choose. That’s right -- your bathroom will be tiled the way you like, and your kitchen will have a brand new oven, dishwasher, and all the amenities you need which are a far cry from a drafty Welsh cottage.

There are options out there for us city-dwellers, and Blue Bay Homes have a very viable one with The View. It’s quite simply fabulous, and begs a look!

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

How to Choose the Perfect Luxury Dog Collar

There are plenty out there but there are few that can stand the test of time when it comes to the adventurous lifestyle of your beloved pet.  It’s something your pet will wear, all day everyday so it needs to comfortable, sturdy and stylish. We’ll help you know what to look for from your designer dog collar to make sure you're getting the best for your pooch.

Real Leather – The biggest mistake you can make is make a purchase based on style alone. If it’s not going to last, then it simply isn’t worth the money. Leather is a favourable material for being able to withstand harsh environments and continue to look like new, rain or shine. Of course, plain leather can look a little plain - very unlike your dog’s personality. After all, us humans dress to match our own personalities, so why shouldn’t our pets? That’s why companies such as Hennessy & Sons bring a spark of multicolour style to the traditional luxury leather collar. Fabric is a great alternative, coming in a range of styles and patterns and is ideally suited to a house dog, but if you have a rather active pet, it’s worthwhile considering that it may become tarnished over time as dirt settles between the fibres.

Somewhere you can attach ID – Not all collars are built with this in mind. Of course, if your dog manages to stroll off in the park, you’ll never be so thankful that you added the name tag addition, despite being chipped. Some come with name tags already, which is in keeping with the style saving you the time and energy finding one that matches.

Design – Pets are like babies at times, and young ones in particular won’t hesitate to chow down on random little objects they find around the house. However, this becomes a serious matter when your dog finds a small object that could become a choking hazard. Many collars out there come with hanging jewellery, pearls and diamantes that can work themselves loose over time. As a special occasion it’s great for your dog to wear something extravagant but you’ll need something safe and sturdy for all year round use. It's no secret that dogs like to live a busy lifestyle, and during active life, like on a walk or in dog training sessions, you need something which is going to remain secure. You’ll want something that comfortable for your pet when they’re lying down, turning their heads.

Some prefer a harness to walk their pets, but for those who like to use the collar alone, choose a collar that offers strong metal accessories for handling. All the above elements help to create a versatile, sturdy yet comfortable solution for your pet. You want something that reflects their little personalities well, as well as being a safe and stylish!

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Large Men’s Clothes and Body Types

Large Men's Clothes and Fashion
Choosing large men’s clothes that look good can be complicated. The differences in men’s body shapes are more subtle than between women so it is less obvious what will suit which physiques.

Ideally large men’s clothes should fit correctly, suit your body shape, be comfortable, look great and make you feel confident. Tall men and men with larger builds face different fashion problems but an overall similar issue: that their clothes can exaggerate the wrong features. Tall men may accidentally choose fashion that over emphasises their height and make them appear inelegant as if their clothes do not fit properly. Men with a larger build may be accidentally choosing clothes with patterns, shapes and styles that are unflattering or not slimming.

When you are looking for large men’s clothes vertical patterns and seams always work best but very tall men should avoid this and instead opt for more horizontal patterns. Horizontal patterns or strips create the optical illusion of making you appear shorter.

Longer cuts on shirts and jackets are also best for larger builds as they lengthen the body. Taller men should go for short, sharp cuts for an edgy look.

Many men often make the mistake of buying overly loose clothes in the belief that loose means comfortable.
This is a complete misconception. Clothes should fit your body properly while being comfortable. They should follow the natural lines of your form. Baggy clothes are definitely not slimming but this can make them useful for very tall men especially in trousers. Larger physiques or short men should avoid baggy clothes and not fall into the trap of assuming only baggy clothes can be comfortable. Always avoid baggy clothes at work.

Other helpful tips for large men’s clothes are: wear open necks because closed neck lines can appear harsh, choose dark tones for a classic appearance and belts are excellent accessories to any outfit as they divide the sections of the body and look smart.
Online men’s fashion shops can offer a much larger range of styles and sizes than high street shops, particularly in large men’s clothes.

Friday, September 16, 2016

Halloween Parties to be Remembered

Halloween is coming, and we’re more than aware of the kinds of problems that can arise during this time. One of which is Trick or Treating. Some of us are against the idea of Trick or Treating, and see the act of attiring our children as monsters and creepy things and sending them out and around the neighbourhood as a form of begging… which of course is problematic, as our children often want to do exactly what their friends are doing and don't care to be disappointed. Of course, there's a compromise. Hosting your own Halloween Party can be as simple as picking up some sweets (our favourites are Chupa Chups Lollipops) decorations and invites, and wearing a smile all night.

There's a lot to be said for hosting a little Halloween Party. Your little ones will absolutely adore the idea of hosting their own little gathering of ghouls, and you can be safe in the knowledge that they’re not out in the streets making nuisances of themselves. For the sake of hosting a party, there’s a number of things you can amass with very little effort, to make a great Halloween Party which will make certain that your children will be able to enjoy this time of year without compromising on your morals.

When you’re looking for Halloween Party Sweets, most would consider running to the supermarket and picking up big bags of all kinds of things to put into bowls and put on a table. Supermarkets can be a little risky, though. At this time of year, the shelves are usually bare (from other parents ensuring that they have enough sweets to go around for trick-or-treaters) and pickings, depending on when you go, can be rather slim. The odds of popping in on the night and picking up a few bargains are also very low, as supermarkets tend to give excess stock out to trick-or-treaters themselves.

Fortunately, there are a number of websites out there that can provide excellent deals on Halloween sweets, whether it’s themed or not. Our favourite site for such is a website called The Sweet Pot, that has the cheapest deals we’ve been able to find online, are UK based, and even better, offer free UK Delivery on all orders. You don’t have to order an ungodly amount of sweets to qualify for Free Delivery either—the deal applies to absolutely everything.

Our favourite deal on thesweetpot is 100 fully sized Chupa Chups Lollies for less than £10 – which is a better value deal than what we’ve been able to find anywhere. That, some of their other amazing deals on American candies, chocolate, Haribo sweets – as well as some light entertainment, spooky bunting, some cute table covers and invitations will ensure that your child’s Halloween Party will be widely regarded for some time to come.    

Monday, September 12, 2016

Dog Clothes

Dog clothes provide a dog with an extra layer in the cold months and they also add a little something
to the dog’s presence. A dashing outfit for your pampered pooch will certainly turn a few heads and draw attention to your beloved pal and they will no doubt love the warmth and cosines’ that it brings.

Dog clothing has become increasingly popular in recent years, and they are an excellent way to get your dog the attention it deserves and I am sure they will enjoy the additional strokes and cuddles they receive on their morning/evening walkies whilst also bringing a smile to passers-by faces.

Even simple tasks like outdoor dog training can become a struggle if your dog is feeling chilly!

There are some really interesting and outrageous doggy outfits on the market that may make your dog look a little silly, but funny on the other hand, and there are also some very stylish outfits on the market, and more importantly there are some really practical dog clothes that will keep you pooch warm in the winter months, especially dog’s that have short fur and are more susceptible to feeling the winter breeze especially during our winter months when it can feel quite baltic here in the UK. You wouldn’t catch us humans going out for a morning stroll without a warm jacket during certain times of the years, so spare a thought for your dog at this time of year.

There are many types of dog clothes on the market nowadays including dog jumpers, jackets, t shirts, hoodies, blanket coats, fleece vests, tank tops and also some wonderful dog accessories to style them up even more.

Pepeloves has a large selection of dog clothing to allow your dog to stand out from the rest including well known doggy brands including; RubyRufus, Woof & Brew, Bowl & Bone and Hennessy and Sons. You really will be spoilt for choice!

Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Tie The Knot At The Groes Inn

September and the end of summer is the season to get wed, and we believe that municipal registry offices are a little bit dull. Tying the knot is supposed to be a special experience, and there are a number of hotels in Conwy and the surrounding areas that provide fully licensed marriage and partnership ceremonies which aren’t as stuffy as the far more traditional church ceremony or as faceless as a registry office – but special enough so your new mum and dad don’t think that you’re not super serious about the whole affair. 

But which to choose? Your wedding day is supposed to be the most special day of your life, so we’ve traversed North Wales for the very best venues we can find in order to give your day what it deserves.

The Groes Inn in Tyn y Groes within the Conwy Valley is a fantastic venue. It’s large, spacious, and seats up to 100 people. Furthermore, it’s fully licensed. Here, you may have your ceremony and your reception within the building- which is a far more appealing prospect than moving all of your guests from pillar to post in order to have your ceremony and then deal with the celebrations.

You may have your ceremony in any of the Groes Inn’s public rooms, be it their airy and light conservatory, their wonderfully snug bar, or even the restaurant- in whichever style you choose. Whether you’d like to keep things classy and traditional, or even run around dressed as a Stormtrooper, (Please don't.) the Groes Inn’s staff (included as part of the package!) are fun, friendly, and attentive to all of your needs on your very special day.

The Groes Inn is the oldest licenced establishment in Wales, and it’s also unbelievably special as a wedding venue. Booking the Groes Inn couldn’t be easier – simply give them a call or an email with your dates and your requirements, and you’re well on the way to the best day of your life.  

Monday, September 05, 2016

Best Dress Up Toys & Accessories

Dresses up toys are amongst our favourite, letting kids dress up their beloved toy (or even themselves) to suit their mood. It gives your toy a new lease of life when you buy a new outfit, allowing your child to mix and match as they please. Bear clothing, doll outfits and superhero transformations – kids just love it! Check out what’s hot in 2016:

Be My Bear – If you haven’t heard of these bears already, then you need to. The ‘build your own’ bears let bring your fantastic soft toy to life wherever you are and are perfectly suitable for children of all ages.  Your kit comes with everything you need to create your very own toy. Stuff your empty bear with super soft filling, make a wish and pop in your magic star before zipping it up! No sewing and no fuss. Dress your toy up a huge range of outfits, from dresses to pyjamas and superhero outfits.

The Barbie Fashionistas – The revamped Barbie line introduces a new range of dolls includes three new body types; curvy, tall and petite to give young girls more choice. The dolls aiming to offer more variety to influential young ladies.

Disney Dress Up dresses – If your kids are simply a fan of dress up in general, then the girls in particular will already be familiar with the fantastic Disney range available. However if dress up and pretend play is one of you child’s favourite things to do then you might be tempted to take it to the next level. The kids dress up company, ‘Time to Dress Up’ offer up a huge range of dress up outfits for babies, toddlers and children. The morph suits on offer are out of this world, transforming your appearance into zombies, monsters, robots and aliens. 

Kids Hair Chalk- #Flashmob have introduced a new range of electrifying neon hair chalks to create bold highlights. From bright blues to greens, yellows and pinks, they can be used to complete a monstrous Hulk look or a pop party, disco look in seconds!