Llandudno in the Summer

It’s already May, and we truly feel like summer’s already begun. The same could be said for the pretty seaside town of Llandudno which is enjoying an early start to the summer season thanks to the good weather.  Numerous hotels in Llandudno are filled to the brim with revellers enjoying sights and experiences such as Llandudno’s famous pier, Mostyn Street and of course the beach, and the town is rather busy as result.

But which hotel in Llandudno is the one for you? While indeed large hotels such as the Grand and of course the Imperial strike rather imposing silhouettes, there’s something to be said for the smaller hotel. With the larger hotels in Llandudno, of course you’ll get efficient service and of course you’ll be looked after on a very grand scale.

Yet, it’s hardly personal. You may be little more than a (very well taken care of) drop in the ocean, and while of course you’ll be treated well, you are just that – a room number, and a single head at a breakfast buffet.

That’s not the case with the smaller Llandudno hotels, and it’s not the case at the Elm Tree Hotel in Llandudno. This lovely little hotel brings the best of both worlds to your stay in Llandudno, and this spotlessly and immaculately clean Llandudno Hotel can more than certainly compete with the big boys in matters of professionalism.  Yet you get a little something extra with The Elm Tree Hotel in Llandudno, and that something is the personal touch.

At the Elm Tree Hotel Llandudno, you will be welcomed into this beautifully clean little hotel, where absolutely nothing is too much trouble. Your room will have attention to detail and your requirement, and your breakfast will be well and truly worth getting up for with plenty of choice, excellent presentation and of course very well cooked, quality food with absolutely no need for lunch afterward.

The Elm Tree Hotel is well and truly the best hotel in Llandudno, the UK and even the world – with the TripAdvisor Traveller’s Choice Award for the Best Bargain Hotel in the World for 2017, they’re indisputably the best hotel out there – so why not take some time to relax and enjoy it?  


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