Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Spend New Years In A Beautiful Seafront Hotel

Christmas Wine
Looking for somewhere to spend your time celebrating the beginning of a new year? Why not enjoy one of the Cae Mor Hotel Llandudno’s New Year Gala Dinners where you can indulge in a luxurious 5 course dinner and stay in a lovely hotel room overlooking Llandudno seafront. You can enjoy a great New Year’s getaway for just £87.50 per person!

Cae Mor Hotel Llandudno have a selection of conference rooms available to hire with capacities ranging from 16 people all the way up to a room that can host 55 people. These rooms are brilliant for any occasion such as a wedding, parties and even business meetings. Cae Mor hotel offer a range of offers over the seasonal period such as their December offer that drops the price of a great night’s stay and breakfast for just £49.99 per person!

Book early for the start of 2015 as there are some great deals for January, February and March where you can enjoy  a 2 nights stay at the Cae Mor, which includes 1 dinner, 2 breakfasts and a free bottle of Prosecco in your room for when you arrive. You can get all this for your 2015 break for only £92.60 per person. This offer is perfect if you want to go and see the opera in the famous theatre Venue Cymru that neighbours the Cae Mor Hotel.

Cae Mor’s Othello  restaurant is a beautiful restaurant with a view of the sweeping Llandudno promenade, they have a talented head chef that creates modern dishes to cater for everyone’s needs, they also offer a wide range of vegetarian food and also if you have a special diet as well that can be catered  for. With Venue Cymru neighbouring the Restaurant it is the perfect place to have dinner before going to watch a performance at the renowned theatre.

Cae Mor is one of the greatest place to spend a night or two in the coming year of 2015.

Monday, August 04, 2014

Dressing in the Right Order

Large Men's Suits
It may sound obvious, but putting your evening dress on in the wrong order is a common mistake. The following order should be observed: Shirt, Trousers, Shoes, Bowtie, Jacket. A man trying to tie his bowtie whilst wearing a jacket is causing himself far more hassle than is necessary, as is a man who puts on his trousers first and then must crease his shirt as he tucks it in. It is far easier to put on the shirt first and then simply pull up your trousers over it.

And, most importantly of all, make sure you have no creases in your suit. Have your trousers and jacket pressed, and carry them carefully on a hanger, preferably in a suit holder. Make sure your shirt is well ironed, a creasy shirt is a display of scruffiness and laziness.

The Shoes

Acceptable shoes that work with Men’s Evening Dress also differ and vary, but it is important to select a pair that do not stick out, yet remain stylish and subtle. A well shined pair of shoes or brogues may match a brighter shirt better, and for more subtle coloured shirts a matte finish may be preferred. Spats, handy leather covers which stop rain going into your shoes, are still widely accepted, and make a man look twice as smart when wearing a dinner suit. They are usually white, and blend in with a dinner suit extremely well.

The Bow Tie

The bow tie can be pre-tied, however it is far more impressive for one to learn how to tie a full bow tie, as shirts with raised collars will give the game away if you are using a clip-on or pre-tied. The dinner jacket (called a Tuxedo in the US) should be black, and can be bought in a variety of different styles. True evening trousers have no belt loops, and instead are secured to the waste by means of tightening buttons on the side of the trousers. They also differ from standard trousers in that a common feature is a stripe of black silk running down the outside of each leg, from top to bottom.

Evening Dress Jackets & Trousers

It can sometimes be hard to find nice Men’s Evening Dress Jackets and Trousers if you are a larger Man. Many shops these days tend to cater for the average size and do not take into consideration that like the Americans we are a nation that is gradually growing in size and the average clothes size is now a lot bigger than it was 0-20 years. Large Men’s Evening Wear caterers for all shapes and sizes. They have a wide range of stylish jackets, trousers, shirts, shoes and even big socks to cater for all needs.

So no need to stress about looking the part at your next dinner party, works do or wedding, you too can look stylish and sophisticated with a tailor made suit, to make you look dapper and stand out from the crowd.

Large Men’s Clothes

The shirt worn in evening dress is not an average work shirt, in that it has no front pocket, and usually does away with buttons in favour if shirt links, usually black. The cuffs may have buttons, but look far neater if they too are linked. Fold the two sides of the cuff inwards and link so that they press against each other and form an edge. Always select cuff links that match your shirt links; it is sometimes a bad idea to have jazzy cufflinks with pictures on, and it is usually best to go for the subtle look.

It is also recommended to have a good quality top coat for arriving at/departing the occasion. Rain is not something you ever wish your jacket to come in contact with, and a woollen top coat is the solution to this problem. Always, however, wear a top coat that matches the colour of your suit, black for black, grey for grey etc.

Another item which most men just can’t be seen without is a handkerchief. For standard black tie evening wear, choose a white handkerchief, and fold it into your front jacket pocket, so as a small but even triangle shape is poking out. Keep some tissues in your side pockets though, as sneezing into your handkerchief and refolding it neatly into your pocket without a mirror is a lengthy and potentially embarrassing procedure.

A great range of large men’s suits are available online from Manshop UK

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Thursday, April 03, 2014

UK Industry and Technology

The Technology and Industrial Blog provides you with all the latest information on new technology and industrial changes/news in the world, as well as offering certain services that could be of great use to you or your business.

The UK Industry covres all contsruction, motoring, machinery, electronics and more information that is vital in the Industrial world. The latest main news of the industrial world can also be found on this blog. proving the site to be incredibly useful.

UK Technology is also rapidly increasing as ever, making it hard to keep up to date with the latest useful methods and tools available to you and your business that can make life a lot easier. The site covers new gadgets, tools, mobile phones, accessories, computing, machinery, general tech news, latest equipment, for providing a service and much more.

Whether you need a casual educating and intersting read, a service, or need to find something out, the place to go is to the UK Industry and Technology blog.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Gearing Up for the Etape Eryi

Should you be enjoying your stay at holiday parks North Wales and want to stay active, you could be well served to challenge yourself on the gruelling Etape Eryi this June.

It may be a bit early to start talking about but considering how much preparation you’ll need to ensure you get in shape before the 15th of June, you could very well need all the practice you can get! A gruelling range routes which are sure to challenge even the most experienced of cyclists, this event is not for the faint-hearted.

Caernarfon Castle is the place where your trail will start and finish as you’re expected to navigate across the historic town of Caernarfon which is all set to be thriving come the event. There’s plenty of fun for non-entrants as there will be live entertainment for those who aren’t testing themselves across the many slopes of North Wales. Expect live music and a special performance from the geniuses over at MTB.

If the strength of last year’s competition is anything to go by then the organisers have doubtlessly set the bar even higher for 2014. As a way of keeping the contest thrilling and the playing field level, Always Aim High have limited the amount of entrants so if you want to grab your chance to really test yourself, you’ll have to do it quickly!

The most impressive cyclists on the route will be granted superb prizes for their finishing position as well having the necessary amenities included in the admission fee. Enjoy free chip timing (ideal to those who want to beat their personal best) and refreshments along the route if you’re understandably a little thirsty.

As for the routes themselves, they vary wildly in terms of difficulty and the sense of reward which comes from conquering them. The one which really catches the eye is the seriously testing Etape Mawr 103 – a course which is not to be sniffed at, coming at a length of 103 miles. The shortest of the three, the Etape Bach comes in at 47 miles of gorgeous scenery and the Etape Canol offers a challenging 76 miles of pure endurance.

Even if you just fancy a day of spectacle rather than entering, there’s plenty of fun to be had at Etape Eryi this June.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Snowdonia Slateman Triathlon

Snowdonia Slateman Triathlon
Are you looking to keep up your good work with your New Year’s resolution and want to keep fit? Or maybe you’re just after a challenging event in an idyllic location? Then the Snowdonia Slateman Triathlon, just a short drive away from superb holiday parks in Snowdonia, could be right up your street.

A hotly-contested and equally challenging occasion, many endurance athletes attempt the Slateman each year with the gorgeous scenery always providing quite the allure to all. As part of the organisers’ plans for expansion in 2014, the always popular event has now been stretched into a two-day occasion.

For the 17th of May, a gentle introduction to this gruelling test can be had during the Slateman Sprint. Gentle in the way that a 400m open water swim, 20k road cycle over the tempestuous hills of Llanberis and a 6k trail run are slightly less difficult than the Full Slateman on the 18th of May. It’s still not to be sniffed at and will offer a challenge to all.

The Full Slatesman is an altogether different test of your endurance and will no doubt leave you panting over the finish line. It speaks for the immense popularity of the contest that it is already fully booked with many people attempting the trail which is more than twice as long as the Sprint. As the status of the competition continues in status (it made many award shortlists for 2013), the allure of the two day event also grows.

As with any endurance event, there are a few simple guidelines before participation. You must be over the age of 17 and wearing a wetsuit is necessary for the water leg as the waters of Snowdonia are known for being a little icy even during Spring time.

A family-friendly event in the heart of Snowdonia, the Slateman Triathlon will be a challenging but enjoyable two days spread over the 17th and 18th of May. Be sure to snap up a place in the Slateman Sprint as they’re only going to go fast!

Monday, January 13, 2014

Planning Your Wedding at Holiday Homes in Snowdonia

There’s something about the coastal regions of Wales which really evoke romanticism in people when they stay at holiday homes in Snowdonia and if you’ve caught the love-bug when staying in the idyllic areas of North Wales, there could be the event just for you coming up.

A walk along the beach, a stroll through historic paths, a venture through old-age architecture – these are just a few of the aspects of the north which really bring out the passion in travellers and is why so many people tie the knot here, year on year. If you’re thinking of holding your special day in this gorgeous area, then a trip to the Wedding Fayre in Caernarfon is the place to be.

As overwhelming as a wedding can infamously be, the exhibitors at this occasion in March will be on hand to help ease any fears you may have. Fretting about the cake? Or maybe you just don’t know what kind of meals to offer? Then the experts will be available to answer any questions to make it a smoother, more relaxed day for you and your loved ones.

Without doubt, the most stressful part of a wedding day for any couple is to have the perfect bridal dress. You have to consider the size, how it fits into the aesthetics and if it’s within your price range or not. However, a simple browse around the Celtic Royal’s fayre floor will no doubt end up with you finding the perfect gown for the bride to be.

The Celtic Royal Hotel is just a short drive away from your lodgings in North Wales and is the perfect location for some preparations to put the icing on the cake (maybe literally) to your wedding way. Also, if you have worries about where to book your venue then the Celtic Royal can offer you a discount of 10% on breakfast when you choose this classic style establishment as the place to tie the knot.

On the 9th of March, make sure you turn up between 11am and 4pm at the Celtic Royal to apply the finishing touches to your nuptials.


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