Enjoy a wide selection of craft ales at the Meadowsweet Hotel

Summer is here, and it’s beer garden time! Absolutely nothing could be better than sitting outside in the garden at this time of year, enjoying the sun and enjoying life – and the Meadowsweet Hotel in Snowdonia can provide just that - as well as a number of fantastic new offerings which are certain to be the icing on the cake.

Take their brand new Craft Beer menu, for instance. This menu is very much the spirit of the Meadowsweet Hotel in its entirety – the perfect mixture of offerings from both Wales, and America. You’ll enjoy some real gems such as Welsh Gold – a popular golden session ale, Chwaden Aur, which is a treat indeed – golden orange and with a lacy head. Chwaden Aur allows for a long fruity finish, thanks to its citrus flavour. Otherwise, the Meadowsweet Hotel has the Cwrw Ysgawen, or Purple Moose Ale – which is wonderfully refreshing thanks to a hint of elderflower.

The American side of the Meadowsweet Hotel’s selection of straw – golden ales is just as impressive, and it certainly looks like whoever has selected these offerings has wonderful taste. Honey Fayre is a golden ale with malt flavours balanced by a lingering bitterness that just cries out for another pint. Buckskin Blonde is an easy-drinking beer, which finishes cleanly and in a crisp fashion. If more hops is your thing, you’ll adore the Palomino pale ale – which finishes nice and bitter, as well as the Sierra Nevada pale ale which uses whole-cane American hops.

The Meadowsweet Hotel in Snpowdonia has a fantastic reputation, and is far more than a simple hotel. The side business, Lle Hari, a fabulous restaurant in Llanrwst is famed in the area for its amazing food, which matches traditional Welsh cooking with classic American service, and we quite simply can’t recommend it enough.    


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