Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Creating an inviting scent within your luxury home

If you have designed your own interior within your home, and made it beautifully contemporary, with luxury items, have you thought about creating a scent to match your décor? You can choose many different luxury scented candles which will not only be a great adornment for a room, but will also radiate inviting and relaxing scents all around your room, creating aromas of tranquillity.

You can buy all types of different scented candles online which come in different sizes and colours to match your home décor. Scented candles can come with many different fragrances to offer. You can have scents which are fruity with berries and oranges; you can also buy candles with scents of natural smells, of a fresh morning to a hot summer day, and you can also buy scented candles with floral scents of rose to lavender. Having scented candles within your home can really help add an extra sense of relaxation into your home, and create an inviting environment.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Fine Hand Made Cigars

Have you ever thought about where your cigar comes from, how it is made, and the detail that goes into making that fine hand made cigar? If you are clued up on this topic then you will probably enjoy your cigar more, and appreciate every different aroma and taste that a cigar can offer. After learning about the history and detailed specification that goes into making a cigar, I’m sure you will want to indulge, and try different types of cigars.

Christopher Columbus played a big part in introducing tobacco to Europe after two of his crewmen in 1492 encountered the tobacco in the Bahamas. They also encountered the tobacco in Cuba, where Columbus and his men settled. In 1592, the Spanish galleon San Clemente introduced 50kilograms of tobacco seed into the Philippines. These seeds were then distributed among the Roman Catholic missions, and the seeds were placed in great soils and climates to grow. Cigar smoking became popular in the 19th century. The cigar industry begins blooming and the best quality cigars were rolled by hand. This is done especially in Central America and Cuba where they are said to be the best hand made cigar rollers in the world.

The Cigar Process

The tobacco leaves are harvested and aged using heat and shade to reduce the water content and sugar, without letting them rot. The tobacco is then left to cure. This part depends on the type of tobacco and the desired colour of the leaf. This takes around 25-45 days and depends upon the storage space used, and climate. The tobacco is then left to ferment, again humidity and temperature is controlled to ensure that the tobacco does not die, and it’s at this stage that the flavour, burning, and aromas are brought out from within the leaf.

After these processes are complete it is then decided what part of the cigar the tobacco will be used for. Depending upon appearance and overall quality after going through the processes it could be used for either the filler or wrapper.

The best quality cigar is then hand made. An experienced cigar roller can produce hundreds of identical, neatly packed cigars a day. They use crescent shaped knives called Chavetas which help form the filler and wrapper leave quickly and accurately. The cigar is now stored in a special wooden box and can be aged for decades depending upon the manufactures requirements.

To try some fine hand made cigars try UK for a wide variety of Cigars from around the world.

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Luxury Clothing For Big Men

It can be tricky buying clothing if you are a little bigger (in whatever way!) than the average man, many shops simply cater for middle of the road shaped people. Whilst it's profitable for them, it's not so great for you who probably have trouble fitting into these garments.

As a result, a number of tailors have been targeting this ever increasing (no pun intended) market, with large mens suits being incredibly popular. Traditionally, big men were limited to sportswear - due to the different sizes & shapes of sportsmen & women - but now if you are looking for big mens clothes, you can't do much better than searching the internet.

Yes, as the Internet has made these kind of niched businesses possible, as customer base is worldwide, as opposed to the local area. We recommend the range and value from the Large Clothing retailer Manshop for all your needs.

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Ultimate Luxury Lifestyle

The ultimate luxury lifestyle has to be exploring secret pure and natural environments which others can not do. If you have to expenses to do this, buying a luxury yacht with top modern equipment and exploring the sea enjoying peace and tranquillity is a must. The light breeze upon your face, coastline surroundings, or even the whole world in your view with nothing but sea and yourself is guaranteed to give you a feeling of complete freeness which nothing else could compare too.

A sunseeker Predator 62 is a luxury yacht built by sunseeker international Ltd in 2007. This type of yacht offers beautifully crafted teak interior, with beige leather upholstery. It sleeps six in two double and two single berths in three separate cabins. All of these cabins offer flat screen TVs and DVD players, with 321 Bose surround sound system. The two engines are Twin MAN V10 CRM 1100hp diesel, with a maximum speed of 37 knots.

With the opportunity to buy this yacht and other yacht sales around it’s a great time to buy, as the season starts to warm.