Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Layzzzzeeeeeeeee Boy

SoloTrek TM XFV ®

I want One of These!!
Development History
In the year 2003, exactly 100 years after the Wright Flyer made its historic first flight at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, another aviation first was recorded in the history books. The world's first exoskeleton backpack aircraft, the SoloTrek XFV (Exoskeleton Flying Vehicle), demonstrated conclusively that its technology was both viable and practical.Over a seven-year development effort that began in 1996, two proof-of-concept SoloTrek prototype aircraft were designed, built and hover-tested by a crack, five-man development team. Three different pilots accumulated 63 flight sorties and over 76 hours of test time while demonstrating stable, controlled hover flight in wind conditions gusting to 12 knots.The original SoloTrek proof-of-concept prototype aircraft was retired from testing in the summer of 2002. Subsequently, it was donated to the Hiller Aviation Museum in San Carlos, California, where it remains on display to museum visitors.Separately, development and testing continues on SoloTrek and related products with private and government funding. No additional information regarding the manned or unmanned aircraft development programs is available at this time to the public.

Virtu Nokia Phone

Five years ago mobile phones were the latest rage. Today they are a commodity. But there still are ways to stand out from the crowd: Either by refusing to own a phone altogether, or by spending €3500 Euro for a Vertu.,1564,1224156,00.html
Anyone Know a better URL for this phone?

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Sony Vaio Visual Audio Input Output?

This Piece of kit looks the biz for all you gadget freaks - shame about the unreliability of the Sony Products I have dealt with.

Sony VAIO U series

VAIO, an acronym for "Video Audio Integrated Operation", is a brand slogan for many of Sony's computer products. The branding was created to distinguish items that encompassed the use of consumer audio and video, as well as being conventional computing products. One example of this was the Sony VAIO W Series Personal Computer, which functioned as a regular PC and a miniature entertainment centre.

(Logo = sine wave and digital 1 and 0)

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Private Jet Fractional Ownership

Fractional Ownership is becoming a very popular method of owning expensive occasional use items . These items can be things such as aircraft, luxury yachts, holiday homes. The management of these items is normally done through a management company, and you buy shares in the item.

One of the most luxurious of these items is a Private Jet. Capable of travelling at up to 500 mph, these jets are essential for the businessman who travels the globe. Needless to say, fuel and insurance/permissions are a huge portion of the price of one of these jets, needless to say profit, safety, and wages of all the staff involved. They are however, luxurious inside, and cater for all businessmen.

An interesting point is that the kerosene used in the jet turbine engines is actually cheaper than Chanel No. 5 perfume, and Ink jet Refill Ink. So, things could be worse.

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Fast Cars Fun Cars? Look no Further.

Fast and Fun? Well they don't get much more so than this - the Porsche 911 4S. It is a truly beautiful car, and I love the way that it's shape is highly reminiscent of an E-type Jaguar.

With a 3.8 litre six-cylinder engine giving 385 horsepower, and 420 Nm of torque at 4'400 rpm stuck in the back of your car, there is no going wrong. This car is beautiful, and extremely classy looking. Porsche really have created something beautiful here.

It's top speed? 183 mph. And yes, that is fast. And it does 0-60 in an amazing 4.7 seconds. And considering it can do about 35 mpg in a run, you aren't going to run out of fuel soon either. It's price? £73'434.00 GBP inclusive of VAT. That is not something to complain about.

A truly beautiful luxury yacht...

This yacht is the Jeanneau 49 DS. With a wide deck, luxurious cabin, and distinctive red sails, it is not the sort of thing you could hire for the day. These yachts are extremely desirable and are great if you have money, lots of it, and want to show it too!

Luxury yachts can cost tens of millions of pounds, and are sometimes over 100 metres long, looking more like ships!