3 Things To Look For In A Wedding Venue

Finding a wedding venue can often be one of the biggest and exciting aspects of organising your wedding. With so much to consider, we have made a list of our top 3 things to look for when looking for a wedding venue.


This is something that will be key in the overall look and feel of your big day. You will need to consider size, style and distance as your guests will need to travel there. Somewhere with accommodation may be beneficial if your family and friends plan on staying - this also offers you the opportunity to make your day last and spend quality time together with loved ones. 

Talhenbont are set in the heart of the Llyn Peninsula countryside, an enchanting and breathtaking location in North Wales. They also offer a wide range of accommodation options - including a romantic bridal suite which makes your first night as a married couple extra special. 

Photo Opportunities

Photographs are a great way to remember your big day and so finding a venue with beautiful photo opportunities is always a plus. When visiting your venue, picture yourself there and take note of the beautiful buildings, landscape and interior. There are a number of photos you may want to consider such as the ceremony, exchanging vows, first dance and those lovely group shots - the venue will play a big part in all of these.

One of the benefits of Talhenbont hall is that they offer the exclusivity of the whole estate. From a stunning outdoor terrace overlooking woodland and the River Dwyfach to our 17th century Elizabethan Manor House - there are numerous opportunities to capture the perfect keepsake with the many beautiful backdrops.


A wedding is an intimate occasion, a celebration between close friends and family. Privacy is a priority for most as it means there are no interruptions and the day is personal and exclusive.

When visiting a venue, enquire about the land, the accommodation, the buildings - Talhenbont Hall boasts 100 acres of secluded woodland and gardens with 6 beautiful properties on site. The exclusivity they offer means that you are Lord and Lady of the manor for the day, making your wedding a truly intimate event.


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