Fantastic Winter Adventures In North Wales

North Wales is turning into a tourism hub, which guarantees amazing experiences throughout all of the year. While indeed in a flurry of activity in the summer and a desolate landscape in the winter is typically envisioned when most think of North Wales, there has been a real effort concentrated into “evergreen” tourist attractions, which promise excellent experiences in North Wales regardless of the weather. Bounce Below is an excellent example of such, and offers an amazing experience that can’t be replicated anywhere in the world.

Bounce Below is an experience which involves pure, unadulterated fun underneath the earth. Formed from an old, abandoned mine, Bounce Below has been repurposed to provide exhilarating fun fit for all of the family. Visitors can enjoy the amazing trampolines at Bounce Below and have great fun in the enormous caverns – playing, jumping, and sliding from net to net in a cavern deep underground.

Furthermore, Bounce Below also allows visitors to explore well over 400 square meters of caverns,  making it ideally suited for every spelunker. The only subterranean adventure of it’s kind in Wales, the UK, and even the world, Bounce Below offers such an amazing experience, we’re sure you’ll have lots of stories when you return home!

Even better, Bounce Below is so close to the fantastic town of Llanrwst, which features accommodation which is both suitable for families, as well as being extremely good value. The Meadowsweet Hotel in Llanrwst is an excellent example of this – with individually designed rooms which are absolutely delightful. That’s not all there is at the Meadowsweet Hotel either – the hotel is complimented perfectly by Lle Hari - a very handsomely outfitted restaurant which offers hearty but very special food.

The quality speaks for itself at Lle Hari and the Meadowsweet Hotel, and we’re certain that you’ll be amazed and enthralled throughout your stay there. The rooms are a very reasonable rate, and you’ll be staggered by just how much you get for your money in Llanrwst.


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