Top 5 myths about buying a new car

When looking for used cars for sale in North Wales or throughout the UK, you can often have misconceptions that you have read online or been told by friends or family. Although some may be harmless, some myths may cost you in both time and money if you’re not careful.

Here are 5 myths you need to be aware of!

The lower the price, the better the deal

Our brains are attracted to deals, no one wants to pay more than they need to! Sometimes there may be a deal on for a certain amount but there will be costs elsewhere, make sure you look at the deal as a whole. Also, you may be paying for a cheaper car, but repairs may cost down the line - make sure you are buying from a reputable dealership and that the car is in the best condition.

It’s cheaper to buy a car from a private seller
It may seem like an attractive idea to buy off a private seller on a second hand car website, however, this can end up being a bad decision if the car isn’t up to scratch. When you buy from a dealership in person or online, you can rest assured that they are professionals in the field, buying from a private seller who could just trying to flog their car may mean problems arise later down the line.

Paying in cash will get you a better deal
This may have been true in the past, however, it definitely isn’t the case anymore. This can actually mean you’re less likely to get a discounted price because car dealerships lean more towards financing a car now rather than a one off sale.

Wait until the end of the month to get a better deal
This is not the case at all, although car dealerships have quotas to meet, they may have already met them before you even step foot in the door! Waiting to buy is pointless and so if you want to buy a car, time of the month is irrelevant!

It’s better to buy a car on a rainy day
This follows the same idea as buying at the end of the month, people think that rainy days mean lower sales and so they will get a better price as a consequence. Rainy days can be some of the busiest days for dealerships and let’s face it, the UK is not shy of rain!


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