Luxury Lodges: Snowdonia's Little Secret

Luxury lodges in Snowdonia have grown in popularity for the past few years with large groups and families alike. This is due to the incredibly cost effective nature of renting one, as most families today strive to save as much money possible when taking that well deserved holiday. Saving money and holidays are two things that usually don’t go well together but with a luxury lodge anything is possible, and with Snowdonia as your backdrop what more could you ask for?

The area is rich with breathtaking landscapes that seem to stretch all the way to the horizon and beyond. Despite the miles and miles of untouched mountain ranges and hillsides, Snowdonia is actually rife with some of the most aesthetically pleasing towns, gardens, parks and woodlands that Wales has to offer. From your cosy holiday lodge you can make your way to places such as Portmeirion; a town built predominantly from Italian architecture into the rocky hillsides of Wales, with ponds, gardens and fountains adding even more natural beauty to the area.

Another area of natural beauty in Snowdonia is the ever popular Bodnant Gardens. The garden sits in 80 acres of grounds just above the River Conwy, filled with exotic plants from China and Japan and terraced lawns that are perfect for a stroll in the early afternoon. A lot of satisfaction can be had from exploring Bodnant Gardens and finally returning to your Snowdonia lodge; your home away from home.

When you have in fact returned to your lodge it is almost certain that you will be thinking about food. A major benefit of staying in luxury lodges in Snowdonia is that you do not have to venture out yet again to find food. You can enjoy a home cooked meal precisely where you are; a major benefit that a hotel room simply cannot compete with.

Whether you and your family need a week holiday or simply a weekend break, discover luxury lodges in Snowdonia and explore one of Wales’, and the world's’, most aesthetically picturesque landscapes.


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