Wedding Day: Who Does What?

You’ve got engaged, you’ve picked your date, you’ve researched your wedding venue in Snowdonia, Devon, Edinburgh or wherever it may be, but what roles do people actually play in your wedding? It’s always lovely when you can involve friends and family in your wedding plans, it gives you support and means they can contribute in different ways. Here are some of the main duties and responsibilities most people decide to use in their wedding plan!

Maid of Honour
Usually a close friend or sister, your maid of honour is your right hand woman to help you throughout the planning process. From helping you choose a wedding dress to helping you search for cakes, decorations and more, she is there to bounce ideas off and help you make decisions. The maid of honour also acts as a witness when signing the marriage license and usually likes to give a toast.

The Best Man
Similar to the maid of honour in many ways, the best man supports the groom in planning the bachelor party and finding suits. He also acts as a witness when signing the marriage license and also usually gives a toast at the reception.

Bridesmaids & Groomsmen
Along with planning the bachelor and bachelorette party, they usually assist in seating guests at the wedding ceremony and other tasks that require help on the day.

As well as often contributing to the payment of the wedding, the parents will usually help with many pre-wedding tasks and planning. The father traditionally walks the bride down the aisle and in some cases, has a dance with the daughter at the evening reception.

Flower Girl
Usually a young child, her role is to walk ahead of the bride and scatter flower petals. This is a lovely touch and sets the scene before the bride walks down the aisle.

Ring Bearer
Traditionally the ring bearer is a boy, also usually of a young age. The rings are normally placed on an elegant pillow and carried down the aisle before being given to the bride and groom.


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