Sunday Lunch at the Groes Inn

The Weather is getting nippier, and there are a host of excellent restaurants in Conwy beginning to change their menus to take into effect the colder season. We’re already noticing the full harvest from autumn feature on very many menus from multiple restaurants across Conwy and the North Wales area, and we couldn’t be more pleased to have the tastes of autumn on our plates.

At the Luxury Lifestyle blog, we have always enjoyed Autumnal produce more than most, and we certainly appreciate a little comfort food – especially when it’s served piping hot on a cold autumn day and accompanied by a glass of wine! One of the best places to eat in Conwy is no doubt the Groes Inn – and the Sunday Dinner Menu at the Groes Inn offers a wonderful experience of authentic flavour, from start to finish.

The Groes Inn’s starters for Sunday Dinner in Conwy provide a very great deal of choice. There’s the classic soup of the day (which we’re assured is made freshly. To be honest, we agree. The soup we sampled at the Groes Inn was both hearty and creamy, and truly gave an excellent taste of autumn.)

Our favourite starter of course had to be the Bury black pudding, accompanied by some seriously streaky back bacon, as well as poached eggs. The presentation of this was absolutely remarkable, and we would certainly recommend it! A slightly lighter (but by all means, just as delicious) option is the smoked salmon, prawn and avocado salad, which is accompanied by baby gem lettuce, bread shards, as well as mayonnaise which is ever so lightly spiced, in order to be interesting, but not enough to overpower the delicate flavours on the plate.

Vegetarians are well covered with the breaded goat’s cheese on offer at the Groes Inn – served on beautifully ripe beetroot with sliced apples and roasted walnuts, dressed perfectly in basil oil and finished with a beautiful balsamic glaze. In some restaurants, vegetarians can feel a little bit left out, but we’re certain that it isn’t the case at the Groes Inn.

Mains got even better. The Groes Inn offer favourites such as beef, chicken, and lamb, but they are far from what you’d normally envisage for pub lunch fayre. The Groes Inn certainly doesn’t offer machine cut thin slices of meat in a pool of gravy, accompanied by frozen veg and a few sprouts – absolutely not. The Groes Inn gives thick sirloin cuts of beef, shoulders of lamb, and even half of a roast chicken away with their lunches, and we were coloured very, very impressed. So much so, that we actually regretted starters!

For those that don’t fancy a full dinner, the Groes Inn offers very many casual (but still very high quality!) meals as an alternative to the roast dinner, such as grilled gammon which is accompanied by eggs and thickly cut chips, and their rather famous chicken curry which as ever, is accompanied by a poppadom (and the option to get very many more should you find that one just isn’t enough!) as well as their homemade mango chutney and boiled rice.

The Groes Inn maintain that they’re all about the food, and we couldn’t agree more. While indeed the Groes Inn really is best enjoyed in the height of summer in their glorious, glorious beer garden with surrounding views of the Conwy Valley making the hours feel like minutes – there is a lot to be said for this lovely old inn in Autumn as well.

The colours of the Conwy Valley are certainly stunning on a clear day, and even should the weather let you down, there’s no cosier place to be than this glorious old coaching inn.


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