Tie The Knot At The Groes Inn

September and the end of summer is the season to get wed, and we believe that municipal registry offices are a little bit dull. Tying the knot is supposed to be a special experience, and there are a number of hotels in Conwy and the surrounding areas that provide fully licensed marriage and partnership ceremonies which aren’t as stuffy as the far more traditional church ceremony or as faceless as a registry office – but special enough so your new mum and dad don’t think that you’re not super serious about the whole affair. 

But which to choose? Your wedding day is supposed to be the most special day of your life, so we’ve traversed North Wales for the very best venues we can find in order to give your day what it deserves.

The Groes Inn in Tyn y Groes within the Conwy Valley is a fantastic venue. It’s large, spacious, and seats up to 100 people. Furthermore, it’s fully licensed. Here, you may have your ceremony and your reception within the building- which is a far more appealing prospect than moving all of your guests from pillar to post in order to have your ceremony and then deal with the celebrations.

You may have your ceremony in any of the Groes Inn’s public rooms, be it their airy and light conservatory, their wonderfully snug bar, or even the restaurant- in whichever style you choose. Whether you’d like to keep things classy and traditional, or even run around dressed as a Stormtrooper, (Please don't.) the Groes Inn’s staff (included as part of the package!) are fun, friendly, and attentive to all of your needs on your very special day.

The Groes Inn is the oldest licenced establishment in Wales, and it’s also unbelievably special as a wedding venue. Booking the Groes Inn couldn’t be easier – simply give them a call or an email with your dates and your requirements, and you’re well on the way to the best day of your life.  


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