How to Choose the Perfect Luxury Dog Collar

There are plenty out there but there are few that can stand the test of time when it comes to the adventurous lifestyle of your beloved pet.  It’s something your pet will wear, all day everyday so it needs to comfortable, sturdy and stylish. We’ll help you know what to look for from your designer dog collar to make sure you're getting the best for your pooch.

Real Leather – The biggest mistake you can make is make a purchase based on style alone. If it’s not going to last, then it simply isn’t worth the money. Leather is a favourable material for being able to withstand harsh environments and continue to look like new, rain or shine. Of course, plain leather can look a little plain - very unlike your dog’s personality. After all, us humans dress to match our own personalities, so why shouldn’t our pets? That’s why companies such as Hennessy & Sons bring a spark of multicolour style to the traditional luxury leather collar. Fabric is a great alternative, coming in a range of styles and patterns and is ideally suited to a house dog, but if you have a rather active pet, it’s worthwhile considering that it may become tarnished over time as dirt settles between the fibres.

Somewhere you can attach ID – Not all collars are built with this in mind. Of course, if your dog manages to stroll off in the park, you’ll never be so thankful that you added the name tag addition, despite being chipped. Some come with name tags already, which is in keeping with the style saving you the time and energy finding one that matches.

Design – Pets are like babies at times, and young ones in particular won’t hesitate to chow down on random little objects they find around the house. However, this becomes a serious matter when your dog finds a small object that could become a choking hazard. Many collars out there come with hanging jewellery, pearls and diamantes that can work themselves loose over time. As a special occasion it’s great for your dog to wear something extravagant but you’ll need something safe and sturdy for all year round use. It's no secret that dogs like to live a busy lifestyle, and during active life, like on a walk or in dog training sessions, you need something which is going to remain secure. You’ll want something that comfortable for your pet when they’re lying down, turning their heads.

Some prefer a harness to walk their pets, but for those who like to use the collar alone, choose a collar that offers strong metal accessories for handling. All the above elements help to create a versatile, sturdy yet comfortable solution for your pet. You want something that reflects their little personalities well, as well as being a safe and stylish!


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