Dog Clothes

Dog clothes provide a dog with an extra layer in the cold months and they also add a little something
to the dog’s presence. A dashing outfit for your pampered pooch will certainly turn a few heads and draw attention to your beloved pal and they will no doubt love the warmth and cosines’ that it brings.

Dog clothing has become increasingly popular in recent years, and they are an excellent way to get your dog the attention it deserves and I am sure they will enjoy the additional strokes and cuddles they receive on their morning/evening walkies whilst also bringing a smile to passers-by faces.

Even simple tasks like outdoor dog training can become a struggle if your dog is feeling chilly!

There are some really interesting and outrageous doggy outfits on the market that may make your dog look a little silly, but funny on the other hand, and there are also some very stylish outfits on the market, and more importantly there are some really practical dog clothes that will keep you pooch warm in the winter months, especially dog’s that have short fur and are more susceptible to feeling the winter breeze especially during our winter months when it can feel quite baltic here in the UK. You wouldn’t catch us humans going out for a morning stroll without a warm jacket during certain times of the years, so spare a thought for your dog at this time of year.

There are many types of dog clothes on the market nowadays including dog jumpers, jackets, t shirts, hoodies, blanket coats, fleece vests, tank tops and also some wonderful dog accessories to style them up even more.

Pepeloves has a large selection of dog clothing to allow your dog to stand out from the rest including well known doggy brands including; RubyRufus, Woof & Brew, Bowl & Bone and Hennessy and Sons. You really will be spoilt for choice!


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