Large Men’s Clothes and Body Types

Large Men's Clothes and Fashion
Choosing large men’s clothes that look good can be complicated. The differences in men’s body shapes are more subtle than between women so it is less obvious what will suit which physiques.

Ideally large men’s clothes should fit correctly, suit your body shape, be comfortable, look great and make you feel confident. Tall men and men with larger builds face different fashion problems but an overall similar issue: that their clothes can exaggerate the wrong features. Tall men may accidentally choose fashion that over emphasises their height and make them appear inelegant as if their clothes do not fit properly. Men with a larger build may be accidentally choosing clothes with patterns, shapes and styles that are unflattering or not slimming.

When you are looking for large men’s clothes vertical patterns and seams always work best but very tall men should avoid this and instead opt for more horizontal patterns. Horizontal patterns or strips create the optical illusion of making you appear shorter.

Longer cuts on shirts and jackets are also best for larger builds as they lengthen the body. Taller men should go for short, sharp cuts for an edgy look.

Many men often make the mistake of buying overly loose clothes in the belief that loose means comfortable.
This is a complete misconception. Clothes should fit your body properly while being comfortable. They should follow the natural lines of your form. Baggy clothes are definitely not slimming but this can make them useful for very tall men especially in trousers. Larger physiques or short men should avoid baggy clothes and not fall into the trap of assuming only baggy clothes can be comfortable. Always avoid baggy clothes at work.

Other helpful tips for large men’s clothes are: wear open necks because closed neck lines can appear harsh, choose dark tones for a classic appearance and belts are excellent accessories to any outfit as they divide the sections of the body and look smart.
Online men’s fashion shops can offer a much larger range of styles and sizes than high street shops, particularly in large men’s clothes.


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