Your Guide To Buying a Luxury Apartment

When looking to buy your next home, you’ll need to consider firstly what area you would like to live in. If that includes being closeby to all the local amenities then you may want to consider luxury apartments in North Wales.

Luxury apartments in North Wales are mostly located in the best locations with impressive views and open-plan living spaces.

Before You Start

Look at locations

The first thing you will need to think of is the location where you want to stay. It is a given that luxury apartments are in the most sought-after areas, but you will need to consider if this is in a busy city or slightly out of the way in a more coastal location.


Before jumping right in to look at apartments that are way out of your price range – consider what your maximum spend is first to avoid disappointment and putting yourself out of pocket. Remember, when you are looking for your next home to also account for other outgoing such as living expenses and household bills.


Consider how much space you will need throughout your apartment including how many bedrooms, whether you need an office and how big of a kitchen you want to have. Make sure you have a checklist handy to show your estate agent so that they can help you get as many items checked off within your budget. Remember to be realistic and order your list in priority – so even though you really would like that swimming pool, it isn’t a necessity.


Next you will need to consider what sort of living style you want to opt for. This can be anything from studio apartment – all rooms conjoined into one including bedroom, or open plan living – having your dining, living and kitchen contained in one single space.


Remember finding a new home should be fun so don’t force yourself into looking at homes that you aren’t entirely keen on. If you’re finding looking at apartments is becoming a bit of a drag – don’t give up! Leave it some time and then start your search again. It’s best to go into a viewing optimistic and if your having an off day, the likelihood you will like the property is slim.

When looking for a property you should also take some important things into consideration including:


As mentioned before location is key – after all there is no point being in an amazing apartment if there is nothing for your to do close by. Get a feel for the neighbourhood including looking at which shops and local amenities there are and how convenient transport links are – even if you have a car!


One thing we all want when we move somewhere is to feel safe, which is no different when it comes to apartment living. Apartment buildings have multiple residents which can easily be a potential security risk. When looking for your ideal apartment take a look to see how easy it is to gain access, whether there is an intercom in place and how well the area is lit – which all act as deterrents.


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