Tips to Get The Best Deals When Booking A Hotel

We are always looking for the best deals whenever we buy anything and with comparison sites on the rise, it’s now become the norm to shop around. This is no different when looking for the best deals when booking your next hotel in Llandudno.

There are a few tricks we know you can take advantage of – from how to book to how to find hidden discounts. So, the next time you’re looking to book, take a look at the list below to save you some extra pounds.

Business Hotels

During the summer, when it’s likely you are going on your next holiday, business hotels are quieter, and business gets slower meaning prices will generally be lower than typical tourist hotels. Booking a business hotel can seriously save you some money especially if you are on a tight budget.

Corner Rooms

The next time you book a hotel room why not ask for a corner room? Corner rooms are usually larger and will be the same price as an average room.

Already been allocated a room? Ask for an upgrade. Make sure when you do ask though that you are discreet and to avoid asking when the front desk is busy with other guests waiting, otherwise you may be declined your request.

Late Check In

If you can, check in nearer the end of the day. This way you may be able to snag an upgrade as hotels will be able to have a better sense of occupancy and may have upgrades available.

Call Direct

When looking for your hotel in Llandudno, it is easy to go onto comparison sites as its easier. However, why not do it the old-fashioned way and call direct? This way you will be able to see if they can accommodate any special requirements and can even give you a better deal or even match prices that you have found online. You may even receive a perk or two by maintaining a friendly relationship with the staff.

Cancellation Periods

Booking your hotel last minute can help you get a better hotel room and at a better price too. At this point, the hotel may have had cancellations and need the rooms filled, so will drop their prices. Hotel’s cancellation periods are usually between 24 and 48 hours, so make sure that you have a selection of other hotels that you can book if they have no rooms available.

Loyalty Schemes

If you’re looking for a free hotel upgrade one of the best ways is to sign up to the hotel’s loyalty program – but stick to it. Depending on the loyalty program, you can receive special offers, free WiFi, access to exclusive events and experiences and even free nights! Worth doing in our eyes.


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