Interior Design: How To Get The Coastal Look

Tired of cream everything, or want to freshen up your decoration? With all the housing and coastal apartments North Wales has, why not bring the outside in with these interior design tips? Changes can be subtle, and just give a hint of the sea, so your home can match up with its surroundings. 

Firstly, let’s just mention that coastal interiors isn’t all about pirate ornaments, miniature ship models in bottles, and red and blue stripes. It’s all about layering up different textured fabrics and materials. You can add simple things like rugs, cushions, baskets, and wall hangings into your living space to create a look which is relaxing and coastal. Even just popping down to the beach near your coastal apartment, you might find something exciting washed up to use! North Wales interior designer always looks out for the best ways to utilise natural materials within the home.

Using driftwood is a great way to add an instant beach-themed look to your home. This distressed and light in colour wood can evoke a holiday feel. Glass-topped coffee tables, recycled wall art, or even large pieces propped up against a wall are ways to incorporate this. Teaming this with a subtle colour palette can be effective in transforming a room into a calming space. 

It’s best to keep things simple when choosing a colour palette. Sticking to blue and white, and adding sections of light grey can be a good start if trying to create more of a grown up take on the beach style. Using fabrics with thin lines instead of bold stripes as accents can work well in contrast to white space.

If you want to save on the expenses, you could try upcycling some of your existing furniture or pieces. The shabby chic appearance is key in a seaside look home. This can be achieved by white washing wooden wall coverings, or creating a rustic paint effect on wooden furniture. Once this is done, all you’d need to add is a few nautical accessories. 

The best accessories include things like rattan lanterns and chairs, seagrass wall hangings, and wicker baskets. These give the impression of a beach vibe whilst still feeling luxurious and classy. If you have any glass fronted cabinets, you could use this to display glass jars, and coastal painted or blue and white crockery.

One of the easiest places to add elegant coastal d├ęcor to is in the bathroom. This is because the blue and white colours lend themselves really well to the space. A bathroom and the sea’s main focal point is the water right? Add a few key pieces such as fish and anchor motifs, beach style towels, and anything that’s made of shells. Just don’t overdo it - you wouldn’t want it looking like a stock room for the local beach shop!


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