Sunday Lunch in Conwy

One of the very best places to go for an excellent Sunday lunch in Conwy just so happens to be the Groes Inn. This charming hotel in Conwy is as traditional and as characterful as can be with a licensed bar, and not just any bar.

The Groes Inn just so happens to be the oldest licensed premises in Wales, and in our opinion, also the best. At the Groes Inn, you’ll find traditional d├ęcor, as well as a relaxed and laid back approach, where absolutely nothing is too much trouble. The customer service at the Groes Inn is absolutely second to none, even on a busy Sunday with full service underway for locals and visitors alike.

The Groes Inn was purchased in 2016 by the JW Lees brewery, and the Groes Inn has prospered ever since. Known as one of JW Lees’ Heritage Destinations, the Groes Inn features high end accommodation and high quality dining, as well as service which is absolutely wonderful. 

The Groes Inn is heads and shoulders above every other pub in Wales, and the acquisition by JW Lees hasn’t meant that the Groes Inn has lost any of its charm, or does things in a different manner than what it always has since it become licensed in the time of the Tudors.

If anything, the extra investment has made the Groes Inn improve upon what it already got so right to begin with – hearty but special dining, and your choice of a formal or an informal environment.

The idea of choosing how you want to dine is so right - and something that we wish would exist in all restaurants in Conwy or beyond North Wales. The Groes Inn goes about this by featuring a dining room which is full of white table clothed tables, table displays and of course intended for the most formal of formal occasions, which is given the Groes Inn’s own stamp of personality with hand made, quality furniture and the (adorable) pictures on the walls. 

For informal dining the bar is always open, providing the same excellent food you'd expect at the tables, only presented in a laid back and casual atmosphere which is full of old-world charm and dog friendly, to boot. 

The Groes Inn is one of the rare establishments which understand that events are important, whether they take place in a formal setting or an informal one, and their attention to detail is prominent throughout both the ultra-formal dining room as well as their warm and friendly pub environment. That, and the food is delicious! A highly recommended experience indeed. 


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