Caravan Park Holidays & Their History

If you have ever wondered about how a holiday in a caravan park in mid wales and the surrounding areas became so popular over time, well, you’re in luck! There is a substantial amount of history behind the popularity of self catering caravan holidays, so let’s start at the beginning!  Caravan and holiday parks in the United Kingdom have earned their place in our culture over their many years of existence.

Generation after generation of families and friends have flocked to the seaside or inland to luxurious caravan parks for their well earned holiday. The early caravan sites had a predominantly humble beginning; offering mostly accommodation, entertainment and possibly food. These holidays were incredibly affordable for families who struggled to have the spare cash for their well deserved break, as air travel overseas was incredibly expensive at the time.

However, during the 70’s and 80’s travelling overseas become drastically cheaper than it ever had been and so the package holiday was born! This meant that caravan park holidays no longer held such a distinct advantage for families with a limited budget. The pressure created from cheap accommodation, entertainment, food, drink and guaranteed sunshine that came with package holidays was getting too much for the humble UK caravan holiday!

Since then the caravan holiday in the UK has had to come a long way. Parks were essentially forced to upgrade their standards and quality to compete with holidays abroad. Accommodation was significantly upgraded with the introduction of holiday homes and luxury caravans that gave each guest a sense of upper class quality found in penthouse apartments! Entertainment was no longer found in the town and city centres that could have been miles away from the site. Music and comedic performances are often featured on site, meaning guests rarely had to venture elsewhere!

Holidays at a caravan park in mid wales and the surrounding areas have never been more popular, so why not consider one for your next well deserved break away from the hustle and bustle of life?!


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