Self Catering Cottages: The Better Option?

When booking your holiday in the United Kingdom there are a range of accommodation options available that suits a variety of different requirements. You have a choice of hotels, B&Bs and hostels. However, when visiting seaside towns like Llandudno there is one accommodation option in particular that stands out among the rest. A self catering cottage in Llandudno is the perfect place for a family or group of friends to enjoy every minute of their stay in the Victorian town.

A large majority of holidays can become drastically more cost effective when staying in self catering holiday cottages. Large groups can easily divide the cost of the accommodation evenly and save a substantial amount of money; for example, a group of ten can divide an £800 week’s stay making the cost only £80 for the entire week, with hotels charging £80 for one room for just one night.

Socialising with your family and friends is a lot easier when choosing self catering accommodation. In a hotel it is normal to gather in other people’s rooms, and there is always a feeling of being divided. Self catering cottages have a wonderfully spacious communal living area that is ideal for socialising in a comfortable environment.

With a living space and kitchen there is no need for guests to venture out and constantly spend their money. If budgets are limited then it is just as fun to have a social gathering inside your cottage and cook food of your own taste.

Before booking your self catering accommodation it is beneficial to check how many guests are allowed during your stay. There are holiday cottages to suit every requirement whether that would be number of people or budget limitations. Overall, a self catering holiday cottage in popular tourist towns like Llandudno will be far more cost effective and provide guests with an abundance of happy memories.


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