How to Find You New Favourite Wine

If you’re finding that you fancy a change from your usual bottle of wine but don’t want to spend on something you might not like; finding a new favourite wine can be a challenge. With the average bottle of wine costing £8, it makes sense that you might want to look around before making your purchase. We’ve got a few things you can do before making your purchase to make sure you're getting the best value for money:

Join a wine club or get a subscription box - This is a great way to try new wine; delivered to you at discounted prices. Choose if you’d like to buy a one off case or even continue on a monthly subscription – it’s completely down to you. The great thing about subscription boxes are that you will often get guides and detailed snippets of information included, which will put you in the best position to learn more about your wine.

Wine tasting evenings – At first you might consider a night of wine tasting evening more of a luxury but when you think the range of wines you get to try, you’re actually saving quite a bit vs. buying by the bottle. You’ll be able to compare flavours easily with each variety right in front of you.

Visit a wine festival – This way, you can buy by glass and speak to the representatives of each wine producer who will be able to more about it. It will certainly make you think you’ve got the inside knowledge when it comes to buying your next bottle. A popular one is RAW wine festival, specialising in free from wines.

Follow blogs – Get feedback from other wine connoisseurs; what they like, what they didn’t like about it. You can get to know more about the lesser known Boutique South African wines or perhaps less widely available natural wines. This way you’ll often know more about up and coming wines before everyone else!

Visit your local wine store – Nope not your supermarket, your local store that specialises in wine.  Tell them what your tastes are and ask what they recommend. They can give your suggestions for everyday drinking or even something a bit more special to go with your meal at a dinner party. Wine is their job and they’d only be too glad to tell you about their range.

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