Calming your Dog Before Visiting the Grooming Salon

dog grooming Rhyl
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Before visiting a grooming studio, your dog may feel a little anxious. Whether it’s the car journey or having their fur snipped by someone their not familiar with – there are ways to ensure your dog is as calm as possible before and during the visit.

Home Grooming

Grooming your dog at home before taking them to a professional can help them get used to the sensations and sounds they will experience at a grooming studio. It also gives a good indication of what your dog really isn’t comfortable with, so you can inform the groomer or perhaps invest in a muzzle.

If you are concerned about the temperament of your dog around new people, having a visitor or friend comb your dog will help to determine how your dog reacts to someone who isn’t his owner combing him.

Give Them Treats

Positive reinforcement is a great way to train your dog, as well as getting him used to new experiences. Positive reinforcement involves giving them a treat every time they display a good behaviour, or whenever they’re in a situation which could be potentially stressful for them – for example, being in the car.

They will then associate these once stressful situations with receiving tasty treats, and are likely to respond more positively towards them on future occasions.

Stay With Them

One way to keep your dog calm whilst they’re being groomed is to stay close by to them throughout. If your dog has a particularly nervous disposition, talking to your dog may help to relax them during the grooming process.

Ask for Silent Clippers

Some dogs are particularly sensitive to sound, especially when it comes to clippers. There are options available for silent clippers, which allow a dog to be clipped without the typical snipping sounds. If your dog is uncomfortable with the sound of clipping, it’s worth asking your groomer whether they have any silent clippers available in the studio.

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