Glamping In Snowdonia

Glamping - a combination of the words Glamourous and Camping, and has been met positively since its inception some years ago. It’s not difficult to see why. The UK, after all, provides some of the very best camping sites in the world, thanks to protected land such as National Parks providing some very gorgeous scenery. Otherwise, the UK in itself provides all the familiarity you need to really enjoy time away from home.

While indeed you're on holiday, you're not in a far flung area of the world, and that's what makes local camping and glamping Snowdonia so viable. Yes, your surroundings are gorgeous. Yes, your camping itself is fabulous. But should the mood strike, you can get into the car and hop off for a cheeky pint in civilisation if need be.

Take Ogwen Bank, a very high-end glamping paradise in Snowdonia, for instance. With acres upon acres of absolutely unspoiled woodland, a view of the River Ogwen that's incredibly envied, and the space between you and your campmates you truly need in order to appreciate the outdoors without feeling that you're jammed in, too close to each other and with absolutely no privacy at all, you'll be able to truly enjoy the surroundings at Ogwen Bank.

Ogwen Bank’s clubhouse provides a rather great little retreat, in order to pop away for a pint, as well as enjoy the social aspect of time away from home. The Ogwen Bank clubhouse also provides a variety of very hearty food which is both attractively presented, and absolutely delicious.

But enough about food and surroundings, you say. What about where you're actually staying?
This is the best of it all. Ogwen Bank have a variety of S-Pods, which are the glamping standard for others to follow. These tiny little cubes are very well designed, providing just the amount of space you need, but also containing a double bed, a kitchen, a bathroom, electricity, Wi-Fi -- and incredibly all have a hot tub outside which can be powered on and set to go even in the most frigid of the North Wales winds.

When it comes to glamping in Snowdonia – there’s only one real choice if you want it all. Give Ogwen Bank a go, you certainly won’t regret it.


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