Wine; The Ideal Party Gift

It’s a favourite gift for many at a party, as well as gesture of good will. Many use this opportunity to offer up a firm favourite of their own in the hope that they might serve this. Others might like to see it as a reflection of their personal taste. But what about giving natural wine as a gift? Many artisan wine producers are going back to their roots and are producing wine the old fashioned way. And we’ve got five reasons why your next wine purchase should be a natural product:

It’s different – This shouldn’t be your only reason but it’s certainly a reason to give it a try. Like any drink product without the unnecessary additives and chemicals it’s going to taste a little different to what you’re used to. Now might be the right time to give it a try…

It’s better for you – Regular wine will go through a rigorous chemical process and although producers claim that in small quantities these chemicals cause no harm – not taking them in at all will always be better for you. A more natural wine is much better for your health and will help you avoid those horrible hangovers you so often get from cheaper wines.

It takes more skill to make – Unlike ordinary wine, natural wine takes a great deal of skill and patience to harvest the best grapes suitable to make a quality final product. That being said, the amount of physical labour that goes natural wine also increases, due to needing more grapes to create the same amount of wine.

Value for money – Although some natural wines can be a pricier than your regular wine, you will most likely be getting better value from your natural wine. This is because most natural wine producers operate outside of the appellation system which is so often used as a reason to mark-up wine. You’re also getting more natural grape product for your buck in comparison to any other ordinary wine.

It’s better for the environment – if you care about the environment, then this will be the wine for you.  Without the use of pesticides, the land, surrounding water and animals will stay healthy. In some parts of the world, where grapes grow easily, you might think that pesticides are unnecessary. But buy going natural you are choosing to support those who work to protect the environment as well as make a better quality product.   

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