Coping With A Divorce

Divorce is so unbelievably difficult. Widely (and rightly) called the most stressful period people can go through, it’s hard all around. Both sides may feel that the other is an instigator and divorce can often take absolutely forever for the sake of emotions being frayed and additional arguments occurring over a variety of subjects. Furthermore, financial strain during these times can be absolutely terrible for everyone – you, your ex-partner, your families, and of course your children.

The reasons for divorce, who is right and who is wrong – as well as all manner of hurts and problems that led to a divorce are secondary when you know that things have to change. As such, delays can be so frustrating.

The worst of all of it has to be how children can take divorce as it happens, and the services of a good family solicitor in North Wales which knows how to protect your interests – but to do so delicately is absolutely imperative in order for both sides to close a marriage and start the rest of their lives.

A hamfisted approach to a divorce is absolutely not appropriate, and a good divorce solicitor in North Wales knows how to handle the situation delicately enough to not create additional anguish and expense.

Swayne Johnson solicitors for example are based in Llandudno and have offices throughout North Wales which can assist you, no matter where you live. With offices in Denbigh, St Asaph, Llandudno, Ruthin, Bangor and even Tattenhall in England, you can be reassured by the fact that you’ll always deal with local, friendly service which is absolutely non-judgemental to the hows, whens, or whys. They’re here to help you – not to judge.

Swayne Johnson solicitors have a very talented team of solicitors within their Family Department which will assist you every step of the way with a manner of things – be it appropriate legal advice, your divorce petition, the statement of arrangements for any dependents, court fees – as well as Legal Aid, if you need it.  



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