Rules for a Perfect Fitting, Big Men’s Outfit

It can be extremely difficult to find the perfect fitting outfit as a bigger man. And big mens clothes doesn’t usually come in a wide variety either…so our only option is to buy online. With this in mind, finding the perfect fit is a challenge. But by following a few simple rules, you’re easily going to find the something that works for you and keep you feeling confident for the day ahead.

Wear clothes that fit – many larger men will choose an item that they know will fit them and go a size or two larger. And with many cheaper shirts being rather ill fitting in shape, they can make you look larger than you actually are. Try looking for fitted shirts which are more likely to flatter. The same applies to jeans – look for a closer fit which isn’t going to add more weight. It’s always best to show off some shape rather than have ill-fitting clothes that

Before you buy, check the sizing charts which vary from company to company so you can make sure you’re getting the best fit.

Light weight fabrics- Heavier knit fabrics add bulk to your upper body so avoid using these. If you do want to wear a jumper, go for a thinner fabric. Mix it up depending on the season

Layer your outfit - Break up the colour and style by layering with a casual shirt or cardigan. This little trick works in the same way as vertical lines does - giving you a slimmer look. It gives you more to look at without being overwhelmed by one colour.

Accessories- These are about more than adding style. They can be used to draw attention to other areas of the body and highlight your best features. Sunglasses for example, can help shape your face, giving you a bolder look. A hat will give the impression of a more thought through look – Ideal for those days when you want to give a great impression.

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