The Weeping Window in Caernarfon

The Weeping Window – a travelling installation that has taken the country by storm as part of a far larger installation – Blood Swept Lands and of course Seas of Red, which both commemorate those who were lost within World War 1 (Known as the Great War – for the sheer scale of life lost on all sides) is in Caernarfon Castle this year, and even with less than a month to go until Remembrance Day, Droves of people have come out already in order to visit this amazing attraction.

We’re somewhat conflicted when it comes to the Weeping Window. It, Blood Swept Lands, and Seas of Red are of course very beautiful things, and we can’t help but feel a very real sense of awe when we look upon them. It’s no wonder that they have captured the hearts of the British public since their debut within the Tower of London and have raised some very much-needed funds for the British legion as result.

Saying that, the ceramic poppies are also a very real and very poignant symbol of the sheer scale of loss- and this can’t be discounted.

 Each and every poppy is crafted within Caernarfon’s Weeping Window to be representative of the 35,000 Welsh Fusilliers who lost their lives to defend the UK, and seeing the poppies flow from the window of Caernarfon castle and pool into red is a very sobering thing. We were fortunate enough to have seen much larger displays in the past, such as the Blood Swept Lands within London when it was first installed – but we don’t feel underwhelmed by Caernarfon’s exhibit. Not at all.
One might think that a smaller display equals less of an experience, but it’s not that at all. The way that the poppies are positioned – some fixed within the ground, some even drilled into the castle’s ramparts, gives a very correct approximation of the scale of those lost, and the pain of their loved ones.

Essentially, it’s a very sobering place to visit, and it’s purpose in capturing the hearts of the British public and staying true to the underlying message is very well achieved. You’re more than capable of taking a child to the Weeping Window and being confident that there’s enough to the exhibit to accurately capture the child’s imagination, yet the underlying message of those lost within the Great War is not cheapened by it's popularity. 

We managed to get a place within the T’yn Rhos Country House Hotel near Caernarfon to experience the Weeping Window, and we found the stay refreshing. The Country House has a dignity to it, but the atmosphere is rather light and airy. As for location, the Ty’n Rhos Country House was less than 15 minutes drive away from Caernarfon Castle, and should you wish to see this attraction, is highly encouraged. 


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