Humphreys Holidays – All you need to make memories

Humphreys Holidays is a decidedly new venture, but it gives you all the best North Wales has to offer for you and your loved one. Choose between a handsomely outfitted Holiday Cottage in Conwy Town named Fourteen, or for those that wish to truly get away from it all, there’s a wonderfully out-out-town escape named the High Cabin, which offers unparalleled luxury. This superior self catering accomodation in Conwy is your escape- and the source of many great memories for years to come.

The High Cabin in particular benefits from its very own hot tub, and complete and total privacy thanks to it’s remote location. One of the best kept secrets in North Wales, this wonderfully modern and fully outfitted cabin will be yours and yours alone.

For those that would wish for a holiday that doesn’t feel quite as remote, Fourteen offers all of the luxury you’d expect from a dedicated cottage within one of the prettiest towns in Wales. Whether you come to Wales with a loved one or your whole family, we can promise that the medieval castle walls of Conwy town will leave you absolutely enthralled.

Humphreys Holidays understands just what it means to have a special holiday. Ran by Justin and Jane Humphreys, they are hardly new to the hospitality scene. With years of experience of managing and maintaining the famous Groes Inn within Conwy, they know a thing or two about creating an absolutely harmonious environment which is perfect to enjoy the very best North Wales has to offer.

The North Wales region in itself is superb, as well. From undergoing extensive renovation throughout the past 10 years, this region was recently named the 4th best place in the world to stay by traveller’s guru, Lonely Planet. High praise indeed, and North Wales is deserving of every single accolade thrown it’s way thanks to it’s unique attractions, and high quality accommodation which is sure to help make your time very memorable.     


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