How Large Men Stay Dressed Sharp

Staying looking sharp isn’t always easy, especially when you find yourself having to shop around for big mens suits to get the ideal fit. There are a few tips you can pick up to keep you looking sharp at all times, for an interview for business or a special occasion.

#1 Rule – Always have at least one good suit in the closet. You’re always going to need at least one decent suit even if you work within a relaxed setting. You can easily make a sharp blazer look more casual by styling with a pair or relaxed trousers or even jeans but you will never be able to make a casual outfit look as formal as a suit.

#2 Rule – Look after your clothes. Even though your suit will come with a hanging hook at the back of your blazer, you should avoid using as a permanent way to hang your blazer. Often your suit will be dry clean only so you want to keep it in the best shape possible. Always use a dedicated suit and pants hanger that will support the shoulders and stop them from creasing over. Remove the fuzz from your wool items and keep you clothes lint free.

#3 Rule – It’s all in the detail – You can certainly get away with wearing less expensive gear providing you that you accessorise and are wear the right fit. A pocket handkerchief, sunglasses and a quality belt help to pull your final look together.

#4 Rule - Build from your base colours – If you’re not too sure about which colours work well, it’s always recommended to build from whites and blues which work for most occasions. From there, you can choose some colours that work well with you suit(s) and are acceptable for your workplace.

#5 Rule – Buy real leather footwear. You’ll wear these shoes most days for the office so they need to last. Real leather can be easily nourished with a lick of polish and made to look like new again. It is also renowned for being one of the most comfortable materials, moulding to the shape of your feet, whilst still being able to hold good shape.

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