The Best Sunday Lunch In North Wales?

North Wales has recently turned into a foodie’s delight, thanks to investment from within and without. As result the region has flourished – with a number of truly fine eating establishments cropping up within the recent years – partially due to the fact that North Wales offers just about everything needed to provide excellent service. But what about Sunday lunch, a British staple? For Sunday Lunch in Caernarfon there’s one big winner out of some very tough competition.

With excellent transportation links, enough farmland to ensure local, fresh produce and of course the sea, North Wales offers restaurateurs the very best of both worlds. Proximity to mainland England so their deliveries are always fresh and never compromised, and an abundance of natural recourses us city-folk don’t normally have access to. In the city, we think growing our own herbs on a windowsill is enough. But in North Wales, that’s the base minimum of effort required to ensure an excellent meal.

We headed to a truly beautiful Country House in Snowdonia, the T’yn Rhos – in order to sample their fare, and we weren’t disappointed. Their dining room is exactly what we like – very well put together and offering a real fine dining experience, yet not pretentious. No, you won’t be looked upon kindly if you turn up in shorts and flip-flops, but it’s hardly a black tie affair. It’s just the right balance between classy and comfortable, and we’re big fans. We’ve also heard that their gigantic selection of wines is because of links to a local wine merchant...

Astoundingly, every menu that the T’yn Rhos serves is sourced that very day, mostly from the area around the Country House. Their talented team of chefs endeavour to provide fresh, great-tasting local produce from the surrounding region on a daily basis – there’s absolutely no food vans trundling around the corner with vacuum-packed food. And their Sunday lunch is more than exceptional.

We tucked into a chicken liver pate with toasted briorche (that was toasted just right!) and a fruit chutney that suggested that indeed, it had been made that day. For our main, we enjoyed a very traditional (but delicious) roast rib of beef, served with every trimming imaginable. While indeed they had a wonderful choice of desserts available, we couldn’t fit in much but a serving of gigantic strawberries, with fresh cream.

We’re convinced that the T’yn Rhos Country House serves the very best Sunday Lunch in North Wales. If you’d like to judge their offerings for yourself, please keep in mind that it is normally a busy event, so therefore reservations apply. 


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