Best Kids Party Ideas

Creating the perfect children’s party can be tough business. A simple gathering of children with sweet treats just won’t do anymore – especially when we think about how big themed parties becoming the norm. Even if you do have the money to spend on all things lavish, it doesn’t guarantee everyone will be entertained. At the heart of it all, it’s all about having fun with your friends, so we’ve got the best kids party ideas to give everyone something to remember.

Teddy bear party – This is a great one for kids of all ages that still give you huge variety in what you actually decide to do. Go all out and 10 no sewing and no fuss bear making kits. They keep children entertained making their own special bear that they can take home and treasure. Ask the kids to bring their favourite soft toys along to show and share or even go bear mad with the decorations.

Build a fort – We all have fond memories of building our secret hideout as children. Why not dig out a few bedsheets and build one or two forts right in the living room. When you’re finished, eat your treats in the fort or even have a sleepover party in them!

Activity day - Fun days out for the children will always give them something to remember. There’s so much choice, particularly in the activity hub of North Wales. Why not have a climbing party with all your friends? Many climbing centres now facilitate children’s parties providing them with fun and colourful courses to test out their abilities and build character. Bounce Below, based in Blaenau Ffestiniog offer fun days out letting you bounce your way through an underground world of nets, lights and  music.

Craft Party – A firm favourite for girls but boys can certainly get involved too with the huge range of unisex kits out there. For as little as £30 you can buy giant, complete wristband kits online which will keep children entertained for hours. If you’re feeling really creative why not decorate your own trinket, make your own bag or even build and decorate your own birdhouse. This idea can get a bit messy but it’s one that’s guaranteed to be loved by all.

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