Best Toy Comebacks of 2016

The retro toys of yesteryear that are still being favoured over the all singing, all dancing toys of today. In fact, there are toys that are making come back even since their last big appearance over 40 years ago.  Some things just don’t go out of fashion, just like the teddy bear which now available in bear making kits along with a range of teddy bear clothing. Take a look at the biggest nostalgic comebacks of the last decade, making their way back into our shelves as nostalgic toy icons.

Be My Bear – The classic teddy bear has always been a firm favourite for young children in particular but now you can just as easily make your own. You can buy your easy-build kit which is perfectly suitable for younger children with a no sew, no fuss approach to bear building. The kit includes the bear itself, stuffing, a wishing star, birth certificate and adventure passport.
SodaStream – Invented all the way back in 1955 but most popular in the 70’s and 80’s, the Soda Stream made its way back onto our shelves in 2010 after a world-wide relaunch. This exciting little gadget lets you become your own carbonated drink producer, choosing from either the Sodastream flavours or by making your own creation. Even if you’re simply a fan of carbonated water, the Soda Stream is a worthy investment, saving unnecessary expense and plastic waste.

Nintendo Classic mini – The NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) is the pinnacle of gaming nostalgia for most. Today, serious gamers (the majority of whom came from the 80’s era of gaming) will have fond memories of this definitive gaming console. Nintendo now brings you the Classic mini, a modern miniature version, resembling the original colour  and design.  It comes complete with 30 of the NES games built-in, including PAC-MAN, Donkey Kong and Super Mario Bros).  

My little Pony –The popular toy horse was established in the 80’s under the brand ‘My Pretty Pony’. The toy is well distinguished; a colourful ten-inch horse with long locks of hair. Since the 80’s the brand has been re-established under the ‘My Little Pony’, even more colour has been added to the mix! The toys now even come with headwear, shoes and outfits.

Jurassic Park and TMNT – New movies based on the original 80’s iconic films have been hitting our screens since 2015. With this, a new launch of the of famous figurines have been favorited. Even the Dr. Martens boot company have introduced a line in 2016, especially dedicated to TMNT using the tell-tale colours of each character’s headgear and glow in the dark paint to give that  secret special feature to the iconic boot.


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