World Teddy Bear Picnic Day

Ahead of the World Teddy Bear Picnic Day taking place on July 10th 2016, we thought it would be hugely beneficial to talk about a few different activities that can be incorporated into this wonderful event. Whether you’re at a school, hosting a party or having a picnic in the park with your child, all of the following ideas can be incorporated to ensure a happy, celebratory and teddy bear loving day.

The Teddy Bear Picnic Day has been a strong tradition in the western world, having first taken place in 1988. More recent years have seen the special day spread globally, with parts of Asia and Africa being keen to enjoy the cuddly day.

Go on a Bear Hunt!

As many will already know the ‘We’re going on a bear hunt’ rhyme, you could incorporate the things that feature in the rhyme to your teddy bear picnic. Of course, ensuring the children bring along their cuddly teddy bear is a must, adding to the fun of the event.

The things to look for as per the words in the rhyme:

- swishy swashy grass
- splashy splashy water
- squelch squerch mud
- stumble stumble trip sticks and leaves

Dress up your teddy bear

There are a few different ideas you can incorporate when dressing up your teddy bear. Firstly, using nature - through flowers, daisy chains, wooden/string necklaces, grasses and leaves, you can add some funky accessories to your cuddly teddy bear.

Another excellent idea is to try some of the coolest and cutest teddy bear clothing, including some of the Build a Bear outfit’s range. These include astronaut outfits, ‘bat bear’, little pink/blue pyjamas, deluxe fairy dress’, construction worker or many others as featured here.

Sing the Teddy Bear songs

Why not get a group of you together and sing the teddy bear songs we all know and love, which can be done in a circle, on a walk or as an organised parade. Use the parade as the perfect opportunity to show off your teddy bears new outfit, whether it's one you’ve made from natural objects, build a bear kits, or bear factory style clothing!

Bear Games

Teddy Bear’s Footsteps

For those that know the classic ‘Grandma’s Footsteps’ you can quickly understand the rules and guidelines for this game.

One child will begin the game as the bear, while the other children play the hunters. The bear will stand at the end of a cleared space with their back to the other children, while the other children start at the other end, several metres away. An adult will shout go, and the children have to creep up on the bear, who is allowed to turn around briefly. When the bear turns around, the hunters must freeze, or the bear has spotted them and they will be out of the game. The process is repeated until one of the hunters manages to tap the bear on the back, under the instruction of ‘Go!’ from the adult.

Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear, Bear Hunt!

This is a variation of the famous game ‘Duck Duck Goose’, which will consist of children sitting around in a circle, holding their teddy bears. One child will begin gently tapping each child on the head while walking around the circle, saying ‘Teddy Bear’ on each head, until he or she randomly chooses to shout ‘Bear Hunt’.

At this stage, the child that was tapped with the world ‘Bear Hunt’ will have to jump up and run fast to chase the other child around the circle. It is essentially a race around the circle for the child’s space on the floor. Whoever gets around first will be the winner, with the loser taking the position tapping the heads of children.

Invent your own game!

Playing hide and seek with your teddies, hiding one teddy and hunting for him, or having a dress up teddy bear competition are all great ways to have fun on the July 10th.

With the teddy bear officially in its 114th year of age, it is most definitely time to continue on the traditions and enjoyment to be had with such wonderful, cuddly companions. While children are famed fans of these teddy bears, adults should not discourage themselves from getting involved and dressing up their teddy bear with build a bear kits!

Image by 'zyxoma' / Licence


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