Teddy Bear Picnic Day 2016

'Today's the day the teddy bears have a picnic'. Well not quite today, but soon approaching is July 10th and with this day comes the World Teddy Bear Picnic Day! This wonderful event is set to be a kids favourite (well, and some adults) whereby we can all get together and enjoy a lovely day of picnics, cuddly friends and family.

The year 1988 saw the birth of this celebratory day that is enjoyed worldwide, with many children opting to take their teddy bear wherever they go on their summer day out. It is also becoming more common for people to build their own bear, whereby your child can express their creative abilities and imagination. It is worth noting that most build a bear kits are in fact stitching, scissor and sewing free, so that it is one hundred percent safe for your child to enjoy.

Arrange a get together with all your loved ones and enjoy a picnic in the park with your favourite food, games and activities, with the likes of singing, dancing and entertainment to bear themed music being huge favourites and popular choices.

Did you know that the famed ‘Teddy Bears Picnic’ song that was written by John Walter Bratton was originally an instrumental only song – which later became reinvented by James Kennedy with the famous teddy bear lyrics that we all know! This song is an excellent one to play during the day as children of all ages are likely to know the words.

Picnics are considered as a classic British activity and the time of year couldn't be better for one. July is normally a wonderful month is terms of weather, so enjoying this traditional but ever so enjoyable pastime is the perfect way to enjoy the day.

For those that wish to put on a ‘build a bear party’ Be My Bear supply a range of kits that come in different sizes, themes and not forgetting, the fabulous range of bear clothing that means you can dress them up however you like. There are different animal types, custom voice records, adorable party invites and many other ideas all available from the award winning bear factory company.

Image credit Pixabay - Greyerbaby


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