Designing the rooms of your home for long term happiness

There is no so such thing as a magic formula when it comes to creating the perfect room. Every room of the house is used differently and will require a different angle of attack. Using your imagination and picking up inspiration are the best basic ways to approach any given room in the home.

The key to a lovely home is by no means spending a fortune on pricey furniture or designer fixtures, but more so about ensuring that everything inside of the space works in compliance with one another, guaranteeing a well-balanced and positive workspace.

Creating a lovely space for you to live in happily should by no means require you to break the bank. Careful and creative purchases will ensure that you have a successful and affordable experience.
Here are some handy tips, rules and inspiration to follow to ensure that you get exactly what you need.

You've got to live with it

It’s especially important to consider that you are going to have to live in your new space for a long time. The decisions you make now will play a large part of how you see and enjoy the different rooms of your house and normally stay the way you decorated them for several years.

There are a few questions that you should ask yourself before you crack on and decorate. Does it make you happy? Is it practical for the use you are going to give it? Kitchen design fitters are commonly an excellent place to begin when it comes to getting ideas for one of the most practical and used rooms of the house.

Soften your corners

Most things have 90 degree angles. Many rugs, tables, chairs and pictures with square sides would hugely benefit from placing items with softer sides to help make the room more visually stimulating. A round coffee table or soft edged rug can make a huge difference to your room.

Avoid buying sets

Many like to buy sets and while it can result in some lovely pieces of equipment and furniture, your home will look like you just went out one afternoon and purchased all of your items. The best homes have a blended, organic range of furniture’s and house hold items, ensuring that things aren’t too ‘matchy’.

Don’t over-theme

Having themed rooms is great, but don’t go overboard with the whole idea. While having a white and blue sail theme can be lovely, things can become a little strange looking once they start to incorporate ropes and circle mirrors. Keep rooms functional, good looking and fairly neutral, as rooms such as the kitchen will normally receive the largest footfall.

Clear choice for white
There are a plethora of white colours available for your purchase. If you are going to choose white, do it right! There are whites that incorporate yellow, pink, blue and grey, so testing with a sample pot is often a good idea before you go all out and cover your walls in it.

Embrace your architecture
Don’t try and make the room something it’s not. Dress it up as you would yourself, highlight your assets and disguise and play down the other areas. Highlight only the best features of each room, playing down the not so good.

Taking on some of the advice and guidance in this article will ensure that you don’t make big mistakes when decking out your rooms. Nobody wants to spend lots of time and efforts, only to result in disappointment, redecoration and the gutting feeling of making a mistake.


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