Upmarket Beach Holidays in Wales

There’s a lot to be said for the Welsh coastline. While indeed most people think of a seaside holiday in Wales they can often envision grey skies, torrential rain, and winds rattling and howling through dilapidated promenades lined with cheap and garish arcades. Have we described your absolute nightmare of a break? Possibly. Thankfully, there are quite a few coastal breaks in North Wales which offer a more refined experience, allowing you to get the very best of the North Wales coastal holiday experience, without the arcades and without weaving your way through promenades and generally feeling quite stressed out by it all.

The idea of another side to the Welsh seaside holiday is indeed quite a popular one, and one of Wales’ best kept secrets for an upmarket getaway is the absolutely enchanting West Point Holiday Park in Snowdonia where you can holiday and feel like you’ve really got away from it all.

There are very many people with this resort in particular have been that taken with the area, with the scenery, and of course with the lifestyle such a beautiful little resort offers so very much, that they have bought their very own holiday home in order to enjoy it year after year. West Point indeed do have a series of holiday homes in Snowdonia for that express purpose.

West Point’s Holiday Homes aren’t the rickety little caravans you might dread, wither. Each of them comes with full mod cons, central heating and double glazing in order so bad days (It has been known to rain in Wales!) certainly aren’t cold or miserable ones.

West Point Holiday Park in Snowdonia is situated on a rather pretty resort directly on the beach, so of course their holiday homes are prepared for everything the (sometimes wild) Welsh weather has to offer, and comfortable beyond compare in ideal weather as well.

West Point specialises in peace and quiet – and offers so much. Of course, there’s the aforementioned beach, but the gorgeous mountains of Snowdonia are also within reach to allow you some very varied days out enjoying the best of what this utterly varied region has to offer.


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