Luxury Holiday Lodges for Sale In Bala

 Bala is very well regarded as one of the best places to be in the entirety of Wales. The town is absolutely stunning, and Bala lake is very much a little slice of heaven which draws very many people to seek out holiday homes for sale in Bala, such as caravans and lodges, so they can return year after year after year in order to enjoy themselves over and over again.

Large and expansive, with crystal clear water, Bala lake is a haven for people from all walks of life. It’s one of the most picturesque sights in Wales for one, and it’s large and expansive enough to have a series of excellent water sports facilities available.

The beautiful Bala Lake isn’t the be all and end all of your holiday though. There’s a series of attractions all around, including the award winning King Arthur’s Labyrinth which rests deep beneath the lovely town of Corris.

King Arthur’s labyrinth is one of the only places in Wales to spot dragons (really!) and we’re sure that your experience within the Labyrinth will be a memorable one, regardless of your age, thanks to the amazing (and very true) tales of swords, sorcery and heroism directly from Wales which are told from your very own Dark Age boatman who will see you safely through the labyrinth.

With an underground boat, colossal giants, fierce battles and of course the aforementioned dragons, we’re certain that your time at King Arthur’s Labyrinth will make your children (and those young at heart!) want to go again and again and again.  An added bonus of the Labyrinth is that when the weather gets a little bit hot (it has been known to happen in Wales!) it’s a perfectly cool attraction because it’s underground, and of course when the skies open above Snowdonia (far more probable!) it’s a dry attraction that won’t be ruined by any downpours.

The King Arthur’s Labyrinth is just one of the very many attractions all around Bala, and it’s really not hard to see why so many people are interested in holiday homes in Bala to come back year upon year upon year.


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