Charming Restaurants in Llandudno

When you’re going out to celebrate a special occasion, a top notch restaurant in Llandudno can often be a wonderful start to absolutely any night. In the case of celebrations in particular, it can be an excellent experience for family and friends to celebrate something together, with a slap up meal.

So many important events are best celebrated with a good meal – such as a birthday, an anniversary, an engagement or otherwise. An excellent place to go out and eat is Llandudno, having established quite a reputation as a town which is full of varying high quality restaurants. We were rather sceptical about such claims. Llandudno, after all, is a holiday resort in North Wales. Making it sound like a foodie mecca on the side is surely a tourism ploy, in order to ensure year-around business, right?

Well, wrong.

The fine reputation Llandudno has amassed for food is not a mistruth. There are a number of excellent restaurants in Llandudno which can provide an excellent space in order to have a get together – and interestingly, Llandudno offers quite a lot for those who seek different tastes. There’s Indian and Chinese restaurants, sure. But there’s also Italian restaurants, traditional Welsh restaurants, varying ice cream bars, and even an American diner, as well as a Japanese restaurant. Restaurants in Llandudno are certainly a far cry from what you’d expect in small Welsh towns – most would feel that a small town gives a small amount of choice. Thankfully, that is not the case.

The most unique of all of these places to dine in Llandudno is probably the St Tudno restaurant which is part of the distinctive hotel on the North Parade. With Victorian architecture and d├ęcor, the St Tudno hotel’s restaurant, The Terrace Restaurant in Llandudno is certainly different from anything else. The walls display murals of the very pretty Lake Como, and fresh flowers are part of the gigantic chandelier which hangs over diners in the pretty and breezy dining room which manages to perfectly strike the balance between whimsical and formal.

Of further note is the wonderfully varied and high quality menu which the Terrace Restaurant in Llandudno provides. The establishment is no stranger to accolades – as the Terrace restaurant has been mentioned in numerous Michelin Good Food Guides, won AA Rosettes and also displays an excellent rating with the local council with regard to food hygiene – but experiencing the menu in person is an experience not quickly forgotten.

Service at the Terrace Restaurant in Llandudno is speedy, but never brisk. It’s a truly excellent place to dine at – by the fact that the staff of this establishment truly cannot do enough for you and your table during your meal.


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